1. Winter in NYC

    Winter in NYC

  2. Winter Memories

    Winter Memories

  3. Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a Feather

    Journaling reads: Lots of birds walking on top of the icy snow underneath the bird feeders. They scurried here and there for the tiny morsels that fell to the ground from the feeders. They were fun to watch, but it was so cold that I could not watch for long!
  4. Beautiful Winter

    Beautiful Winter

    Journaling reads: I captured pictures of a pair of Downy Wood peckers around the bird feeders today. I didn’t realize I had taken pictures of a male and female. The male is in the tree and is smaller than the male that is on the suet feeder.
  5. For the Birds

    For the Birds

    Journaling reads: I made my own suet cakes for the birds. The chickadees are my most frequent visitors. I removed portions of the string holding up the bird feeder and the string of the heart on the fence to make them look like they were wrapped around the tree branch and fence.
  6. Cherish Every Moment

    Cherish Every Moment

    Journaling reads: The snow finally arrived in West Virginia! So my youngest son and his daughter had some snowball fun. Addy made her snowball and then tossed it at her dad. But, as dad’s snowball flew at her, Addy’s snowball disintegrated before it found its mark. I used one of the Artsy...
  7. Outdoor Rink

    Outdoor Rink

    A great job on this fun Outdoor rink by my son-in-law! The boys have been having a lot of outdoor fun learning how to skate and play hockey! I used these beautiful "Great Outdoors" creations from Simplette
  8. Ear Warmers for Ellie

    Ear Warmers for Ellie

    Journaling reads: At church Ellie said her ears were cold so she needed her "new thang". Backstory: I knitted the ear-warmers for myself. However, they were too small, so I decided they would probably fit Ellie perfectly! She opened them at church today.
  9. Winter foliage

    Winter foliage

    For the Anna Color Challenge 01.05.2022 - 01.20.2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-01-05-2022-01-20-2022.34761/#post-612892
  10. My DD

    My DD

  11. Winter Grass - Color Challenge

    Winter Grass - Color Challenge

    For a music-themed kit, this new release by Simplette lends itself very well to winter-themed pages! I blended 2 background papers together; blended my photo into the background as well, with one copy inside the frame and creating a slight OOB effect.
  12. AnnaColor-Snow-fun.jpg


    Created with Winter Value Pack No 01 by Anna Aspnes Designs.
  13. Daydream believer

    Daydream believer

  14. tryptic.jpg


    A tryptic of Winter scene from the countryside at the edge of our village.
  15. 22-01_O_January-Challenge-#7---Lyrics-&-Poems


    January Challenge #7 - Lyrics & Poems https://oscraps.com/community/threads/january-challenge-7-lyrics-poems.34579/
  16. 22-01_Mediterranka-Design-Apricity


  17. Apricity


  18. Apricity (Layered templates)

    Apricity (Layered templates)

    Apricity (Layered templates) by Mediterranka design picture me and my hubby thanks for looking !
  19. Apricity-qp-1


    Apricity (Quick pages) by Mediterranka design Picture me and my hubby (jan21) thanks for looking
  20. Apricity (Full collection 5 in 1)

    Apricity (Full collection 5 in 1)

    Apricity (Full collection 5 in 1) by Mediterranka design Everything seperate available Picture by me thanks for looking