1. Call Me

    Call Me

    Created with The NEW! May 2023 : ColorPlay : Lilliputian | The Complete Mixed Media Collection By Rachel Jefferies What a great time to scrap an old vintage photo...with this Beautiful! New! ColorPlay! Collection By Rachel Jefferies...This photo is of my Mom's Yellow Vintage phone...Circa...
  2. May Challenge 7- multi photo.jpg

    May Challenge 7- multi photo.jpg

  3. Gramma's House

    Gramma's House

    This is for the Art Journal Challenge #2 for the month of April. Topic: Food! My Gramma Dot is the lady in the top left corner.
  4. Easter.jpg


    I can't help it I adore these little bunnies.
  5. Easter Smiles

    Easter Smiles

  6. TTrinkets


    Just playing with my new collection!
  7. be kind

    be kind

  8. Vintage School by Karen Schulz Designs Digital Art Layout 02 by Kay

    Vintage School by Karen Schulz Designs Digital Art Layout 02 by Kay

  9. Vintage School by Karen Schulz Designs Digital Art Layout 01 by Kay 01

    Vintage School by Karen Schulz Designs Digital Art Layout 01 by Kay 01

  10. Me & Santa

    Me & Santa

    When I saw this collection, I knew I needed to find the photo of me with Santa.
  11. 3 Year Old Me

    3 Year Old Me

    I found this picture in my Mom's things and it was so faded and all ripped up on the edges. I scanned it in and cropped out what I could of the rips. Then I tried to color correct it, but it just wasn't working, so I desaturated the photo and then put a sepia filter on it, and crisped it up with...


    Little Moments Collection by Palvinka at Oscraps Photo: My own. Journaling reads: Where have the years gone? This photo was taken around 1961 in the front of our house in Warwick Farm, New South Wales. I am with my mother and younger brother Al. I think the year was 1961 so I would have been 9...
  13. Journey


    Created for October Challenge #1 – Sketch Template
  14. As the years go by . . .

    As the years go by . . .

    Created with the beautiful new collection, Artful Memories Yesterday Collection, by Vicki Robinson
  15. Flower girl

    Flower girl

    Made with the new collection from Fiddlette designs, "a vintage vignette" sun burst by me
  16. A Moment In Time

    A Moment In Time

    Created With The New! : Cherished Memories Collection By Palvinka Designs Photos Courtesy Of : Anna Zaykina : Pexels [Reworked By Me]
  17. 19th-Amendment.jpg


    I think I have all the colors here. The 19th Amendment was especially important to my great grand aunt Nellie. I will detail that in an upcoming LO. Harry T. Burn, a Republican Tennessee State Legislator, had been undecided going into the vote on 18 August 1920. A letter delivered to him at...
  18. No Big Deal

    No Big Deal

    This is for Lynn Grieveson's Featured Product Challenge for August, but also to carry on the Use it All challenge that @zlemon and I started in July. I used everything in Lynn Grieveson's Featured August Collection, "No Big Deal, " but skipped a couple of color variations & solid papers because...
  19. 1939


    This is not a style that I am very comfortable with but I knew I had to scrap these photos. I was cleaning out some old folders on my computer when I saw these of my dad when he was a baby! he was born in Nov 1938 so my guess is they were taken in early 1939.
  20. Buffalo Heritage Days

    Buffalo Heritage Days

    Journaling reads: (Most of this came from, “West Virginia: The state that said no” written by Preston Williams on April 12, 2011 for the Washington Post) In 1861, leaders from northwestern Virginia established a new Virginia state government that remained loyal to the Union. This government...