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  1. Dec22_Vicki Robinson_ajchall_Appreciate What Matters

    Dec22_Vicki Robinson_ajchall_Appreciate What Matters

    It was truly a magical moment, being handed a shiny, tiny, new human. Being the first person to ever hold him is just ridiculous and I cried like a baby. Matteo Silvano, Auntie Claire will always have your back.. as my friend said 'wild aunts are the best ;)' I used - Vicki Robinson - Story...
  2. Appreciate-simple-pleasures.jpg


    Created with The Little Things Kit by Vicki Robinson Designs.
  3. Live in the Sunshine

    Live in the Sunshine

    Vicki Robinson Designs Art Journal Ch. July 22
  4. Watching the Clouds

    Watching the Clouds

    Vicki Robinson Designs Art Journal Ch. Dec 22
  5. The little things

    The little things

    Page created for the Vicki Robinson's challenge : "be creative" on the forum. The goal of the challenge was to transform a color photo into a black & white photo and then colorize an element of this photo. I learned a lot from this technique! I used the kit : "The Little Things" by Vicki...
  6. 12-22_Word--Appreciate.jpg


  7. Beautiful Pepper

    Beautiful Pepper

    Vicki Robinson Designs Get Creative Challenge December 22
  8. Appreciate the Little Things

    Appreciate the Little Things

    2022 has been a somewhat challenging year for my family and it seems I keep learning the same lessons over and over. This page was created for my December 2022 challenge and, in addition to using The Little Things Collection, I used one of the two free prompts I provide in the challenge.
  9. rainy day

    rainy day

    October Challenge #3 - Fonts
  10. happiness is enjoying the little things in life

    happiness is enjoying the little things in life

    APRIL 2022 Challenge #6 - Tic-Tac-Toe
  11. VR-July-2021-challenge.jpg


  12. remember this

    remember this

  13. Remember This

    Remember This

    I chose a quote that was meaningful to me —something I can look at when my inner self needs a reminder. Come play in my July Challenge and you could win a $5 coupon to my shop! i chose a quote that was meaningful to me —something I can look at when my inner self needs a reminder. Come play...
  14. earth delights

    earth delights

  15. happiness


  16. 1988 MTV VMA AwardS

    1988 MTV VMA AwardS

    I called my brothers roommate, Caroline who worked at a radio station and casually asked if she was attending the VMA awards that night. She was in a panic because she forgot and invited me to go along because I reminded her. It was the late 80s and I was part of the Hollywood California rock...
  17. Breathe Happy

    Breathe Happy

    Created for the June Big Photo Challenge
  18. Gourmandise


  19. flower


  20. Goofy