vicki robinson artful memories autumn

  1. Winter and Denton

    Winter and Denton

    Sadie Winter and Willi Denton were step-siblings that fell in love. They married 19 February 1906 in Gilmore City, Iowa. Sadly, it appears they had no children but a number of family members lived with them through the years. Will graduated as a pharmacist in 1913 and the Dentons opened their...
  2. Fall.jpg


    Created for Challenge #6 One Word. Please come and join us!!
  3. artful-memories-autumn--vic.jpg


    *** Aug 2023 color play ***
  4. My Favorite Color. Vicki Robinson Artful Memories Autumn

    My Favorite Color. Vicki Robinson Artful Memories Autumn

    Artful Memories Autumn Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs
  5. Season of the Soul

    Season of the Soul

    Journaling reads: I love the fall season. Maybe it is because I was born in October, I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, I look forward to the change from summer to fall every year! Photo of me taken 11/30/55
  6. Autumn Splendor.jpg

    Autumn Splendor.jpg

  7. Autumn


    "Artful Memories Autumn" Collection by Vicki Robinson Private photo
  8. Pumpkin spice cookies

    Pumpkin spice cookies

    Oh boy, we are starting with the fall season in the stores. They are already putting out fall goodies like these cute little pumpkin spice creme cookies. Shamefully tasty!!
  9. Marina di Chioggia Pumpkins

    Marina di Chioggia Pumpkins

    Love going apple picking each year with my daughter and granddaughter. There is such a variety of pumpkins and gourds. This pumpkin stood out in the crowd, lol!


    Created with Color Play products for August 2023 at Oscraps Artful Memories Autumn Digital Scrapbooking Collection by Vicki Robinson Photos: My own
  11. 23-08_vrd-Artful Memories - Autumn

    23-08_vrd-Artful Memories - Autumn

    New Fabulous Color Play ❤ products are released on the last Friday of the month. Save 50% on individual packs for 4 days. Save even more when you buy the bundles.
  12. Artful Memories - Autumn

    Artful Memories - Autumn

    Artful Memories - Autumn is part of the August Color Play Collection. Photo is from Pixabay.
  13. Fluttering Leaves

    Fluttering Leaves

  14. A Walk Through the Woods

    A Walk Through the Woods

  15. Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    Beautiful new kit for autumn scrapping!
  16. Fluttering Leaves

    Fluttering Leaves

  17. autumn is the second spring

    autumn is the second spring

  18. autumn splender

    autumn splender

  19. A Walk Through the Woods

    A Walk Through the Woods

  20. Favorite Color.jpg

    Favorite Color.jpg

    What a pretty new collection!!