vicki robinson artful expressions 05

  1. Renew.jpg


    Created for Challenge #1 One Word
  2. laugh - life is serious enough

    laugh - life is serious enough

    2022-12 Vicki Robinson December Challenge
  3. Whatever


    "Artful Expressions 05" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs Photos: Pixabay
  4. Splashin in the Sprinkler Reesa 2022.jpg

    Splashin in the Sprinkler Reesa 2022.jpg

    Who knew a sprinkler could be so much fun!!
  5. Smiling Faces

    Smiling Faces

    Done for the Vicki Robinson Get Creative Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-08-vicki-robinson-august-get-creative-monthly-challenge.36006/ Journaling reads: One out of four tries is not too bad!
  6. VickiRobinson_GetCreative_July_square_flowersgal_web.jpg


    Figure filled with words from Helen Reddy's song - I Am Woman
  7. Travelling in 2022

    Travelling in 2022

    Like most people, my husband and I had to cancel or postpone trips we had planned in 2020 and 2021. We made up for it in 2022!
  8. Love My Daily Calm

    Love My Daily Calm

  9. Birthday Card 2

    Birthday Card 2

    Updated card for the Fancy Title Challenge. Note to self: Remember to read ALL of the instructions. LOL
  10. Birthday Card

    Birthday Card

  11. it is what it is - green

    it is what it is - green

    2022-06 Vicki Robinson June Get Creative Monthly Challenge
  12. Let It Go

    Let It Go

    Created using Artful Expressions 05 Collection by Vicki Robinson for 2022-06 Vicki Robinson June Challenge
  13. What the ##??#!

    What the ##??#!

    Everyone has their own personal boiling point — and I've hit mine when it comes to family drama. There's a FULL page of journaling hidden beneath my images. While it didn't resolve any of the issues, it sure felt good to get it all out!
  14. vrd-artful-expressions-05.jpg


  15. vrd-artful-expressionsDoris.jpg


  16. Give It a Rest

    Give It a Rest

    Journaling reads: I have spent a lifetime of trying to conform to other peoples’ vision of what I should be, how I should be and what I should look like. I’m done. I’m old (ish) and allowed to be grumpy! I’m pleasantly plump. So, STOP telling me about new diets and healthy eating - my doctor and...
  17. Eloise Bray

    Eloise Bray

    Journaling reads: Eloise Ernestine Bray 20 July 1925 Broken Bow, Oklahoma 17 Oct 2006, Texarkana, Texas Eloise was my 2nd cousin her grandfather and my grandpa were half-brothers, although I suspect that word “half” never passed Grandpa’s lips. Family is family, never mind how you got them...
  18. Mom Looks Defined

    Mom Looks Defined

  19. Drama


  20. Wine Much?

    Wine Much?

    Created For The May 27th 2022 : Fab Friday Color Play : Artful Expressions 05 By Vicki Robinson Such A Fun! Collection...LOL!!!..The "Drama" of the WA is Spectacular!!!!!!!...I seem to say some of these things...[but only once in awhile...]...OMG!...Seriously?...Drama...