1. Enjoy Life

    Enjoy Life

    This is such a fantastic sketch and I love the word art. Thanks! A few photos from our adventures.
  2. I want to ride my

    I want to ride my

    Everything from the new ES april collab kit except for the pink "bushes" silversword71 - mei lian and the white paper flowers - dawn inskip a grand day out wave template - melgen designs font leftovers
  3. my2loves-web


    I'm so in love with amanda's new template...I think I'll just keep it on my desktop. I can see myself making an entire album with this one!! modified a bit...i'm saving her quote for another photo. :) credits: Moments Like This template by TaylorMade
  4. When Irish Eyes

    When Irish Eyes

    This is a card I made for St. Patrick's Day. Inside it says "Beware O the Blarney! Happy St. Patrick's Day." WA by me papers and elements from Lucky Me by Raspberry Road Designs template from Vinyl Badge Templates Volume 2 by Kris Myers at Plain Digital Wrapper
  5. I Am Shell

    I Am Shell

    I am: Shell ~Mother ~Wife ~Friend ~Daughter ~Sister ~Aunt ~Niece ~Cousin ~Teacher ~Student Loves: ~Photography ~Scrapbooking ~Fishing ~Motorcycling ~The Seashore ~ The Bible Speaks a little: ~English ~CajunFrench ~Spanish Wants to: ~Travel ~Learn more languages ~Take photography...
  6. I Am Shell

    I Am Shell

    I am: Shell ~Mother ~Wife ~Friend ~Daughter ~Sister ~Aunt ~Niece ~Cousin ~Teacher ~Student Loves: ~Photography ~Scrapbooking ~Fishing ~Motorcycling ~The Seashore ~ The Bible Speaks a little: ~English ~CajunFrench ~Spanish Wants to: ~Travel ~Learn more languages ~Take photography...
  7. Street Baseball

    Street Baseball

    Maybe it's bad, but when my daughters started playing a game of baseball in the street with a neighbor and his daughter, I didn't join in... I ran and got my camera instead. ;-) True papparazzi mom right there. Anyway, this awesome collab kit at Oscraps and these new templates from...
  8. In The Air

    In The Air

    fonts Bodoni MT and Baby Bowser (searchfreefonts.com) Grunge Border Brushes by Linda Sattgast (Scrappers Guide) WA from February Word Art Challenge at Plain Digital Wrapper by Kris Myers Silver paper made by me Black paper from Black Grunge Paper Pack Red paper from A Lovely Paper Pack...
  9. Lily Pad

    Lily Pad

    Lily Pad This is a photo I took of the koi pond at Mercer Arboretum. Credits: oscraps BG paper: Melanie Colosimo Designs ~ Flowing:3 Paper Pack Frame: Sweet Genevieve Designs ~ Eclectic Grunge Frames Flower: Becky Vosburg ~ Flower Graph Stickers designerdigitals Transparency Overlay...
  10. Grandma's Badge Book

    Grandma's Badge Book

    I made this badge book to send to my grandmother for Valentine's Day. She is my only living grandparent and my children's only living great grandparent. She lives on the other side of the country so I last saw her in 2005. I don't have many pictures of her but enjoyed putting together this book...
  11. Shell Seekers

    Shell Seekers

    I just love, love, love both this kit from Vicki Stegall and these new templates by Doodleboogs. They truly make scrapping easy and fun. TFL! Michael by Vicki Stegall (Oscraps); 12x12 Templates - Vertical Split by Doodleboogs (SOTB); Simply Stitching Perfectly Imperfect Brown by...
  12. Once Upon A Time

    Once Upon A Time

    Once Upon A Time Photos of Kahlua when she was brand new. Credits: oscraps Template: Melanie Colosimo Designs ~ Leave A Trail Kit: Oscraps February Collaboration ~ O Valentine Extras: oscraps Flowers: Designs by Sue Cummings ~ From My Notebook: Mothers Day - Mum Butterflies...
  13. Happy Birthday Daddy

    Happy Birthday Daddy

    fonts Stencil and Pristina (Microsoft Word) photo prong from Mediterranean Beauty Papers, stampstrip, heart doodle, star dust heart from All My Heart (coming soon) Sparkling stars from Star Dust Trails Template scalloped circles from Vinyl Badge Quick Templates ****all by Kris Myers**** at...
  14. The Story of Us...

    The Story of Us...

    You know how there are always photos that you can pull out and say... "Remember the time..." Well, these are my photos, that dh and I just laugh about all the time; it even made our wedding video! Journaling reads: Any time someone asks us how we met, we just look at each other and...
  15. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays

    My holiday greeting to all of you! credits~ holiday trees template by FreeStyleMama Creations (me) star by Jackie Eckles papers by Nancy Wilkins, Weeds & Wildflowers, Erika Pinheiro, LaWanna Desjardin, Jeni Cantrill, Pattie Knox, & Royanna Fritschmann
  16. Combust


    This face is so classic when my ds sees something new that he loves, or something that he is so excited to try. Used a template from TaylorMade Designs and the LO was done in a snap! Paper: TaylorMade Designs Solid & Understated in Soft Neutral (oscraps) Template: TaylorMade Designs All...
  17. Field Day

    Field Day

    Every summer our church has a "field day" where all the kids get together and play games in a local park. This LO came to me last night when I was putting the kids to sleep. As soon as they were down, I got on the computer and put it together. I love it when inspiration hits like...
  18. St. Paddy's Day

    St. Paddy's Day

    These aren't the greatest photos from our St. Patrick's Day fun, but hopefully they convey that we had a fun day. TFL! Journalling: Quite accidentally, we ended up on Pearl Street in Boulder during celebrations for St. Patrick's Day this year. When we got there for lunch with friends...
  19. Too Cool

    Too Cool

    I LOVE when people create really cool layouts and then provide the template for them. Thank you Karen Bowers for this one! I inverted the black and white of the template and just left it as was. Thought it perfect for the whales! Genevieve Sass' So Fresh So Green and Graffiti overlays
  20. Food Glorious Food

    Food Glorious Food

    A scrap challenge at New Beginnings. How I got to be the way I am, I love good food! I had a lot of fun putting this together--tooke me three hours!--and was really surprised at the number of food photos I had--guess it does show how much I like food. Template #25 by Patti Knox @ designer...