#sarapullka scraps

  1. The Apple of My Pie

    The Apple of My Pie

  2. Sarika


  3. Bramble


  4. ocean-summer


    For the October color play challenge
  5. Harvest Time

    Harvest Time

  6. autumn-mood-#2.jpg


    Alterations: I took Brush #2 and inverted it to make a frame for the page.
  7. Pumpkin Picking

    Pumpkin Picking

  8. It is often

    It is often

    Come and play with us Quote it Challenge #5 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-challenge-5-quote-it-challenge.38268/ Quote It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars Richard Evans Credits: Anna Aspnes: Living Well No1 Vicki Robinson: Breathe kit Sarapulla...
  9. Autumn Walks

    Autumn Walks

  10. August Journal

    August Journal

  11. Being Brave

    Being Brave

    Originally this layout started out being created for the August 2023 White Space Challenge...But as I started to create my page...I realized that I had 9 elements instead of the required 7...I liked the layout as it was & didn't want to remove any of the elements I had carefully...
  12. Happy Among the Trees

    Happy Among the Trees

  13. Hear nothing, say nothing, see nothing

    Hear nothing, say nothing, see nothing

    Created with "When Night Comes" * by Mediterranka and "Theoreme Of Happiness" by Sarapullka to realize the Chall#5_Sketch. * This full kit is no longer available in the shop Picture Pixabay (modified)
  14. Sea-Friends.jpg


    At the Atlanta Aquarium. My two boys are on the left. This little penguin chick fell in love with my youngest and followed him all around the area as long as he could see him. Background is solid paper 06 in Darken mode over solid paper 1- with various elements sandwiched in between. The...
  15. Sea-Dragon.jpg


    I caught this guy and his friends on film in 2006 at the Atlanta Aquarium. The background is paper 03 in Pin Light mode over solid paper 01, with brushes 2 and 3 in between with color and saturation adjusted, and the night sky mist overlay, fishnet overlay, and ship overlay over that. The photo...
  16. In the Garden

    In the Garden

    August Challenge #5 - Sketch — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-challenge-5-sketch.38005 I love the way one photo looks placed in several frames so I started with a layered frame template frame from the Live Life Collab. There were only two frames so I duplicated all of the layers...
  17. Harlequin


  18. From Me to You

    From Me to You

  19. Live the Dream

    Live the Dream

  20. Adventures.jpg


    July Colorplay