1. 52 Inspirations Chall #4 Feb 2024

    52 Inspirations Chall #4 Feb 2024

  2. Winter Heart

    Winter Heart

  3. Be Jolly

    Be Jolly

    CHRISTMAS DAY THE KIT by Regina Falango CHRISTMAS DAY ADD ON by Regina Falango CHRISTMAS DAY ACCENTS by Regina Falango CHRISTMAS DAY MORE by Regina Falango
  4. winter-heart.jpg


    Winter Heart by Regina Falango thanks for looking
  5. His Favorite

    His Favorite

    Created with : "Artsy goodness 10" by JoyfulHeart and "Twiggies - (Elements and WA)" by ReginaFalango and "Torn papers V.4" by Palvinka. Picture by Kleeblatt (woman grungy)
  6. Just between you and me !

    Just between you and me !

    Created with a personal gift (background) offered by JoyfulHeart designs to purpose to me a challenge between us ! Realized with many brushes (transformed) from ETdesigns "picture perfect" and "today", Regina Falango with " CU 0105 paint". Other elements : Rachel Jefferies with : "New...
  7. Mandatory classical dance

    Mandatory classical dance

    Created with : "WUWAP-Wake Up With A Purpose" by Rachel Jefferies and "Dark To Light" by Regina Falango. Personal journaling Pictures Pixabay
  8. Down By The Sea

    Down By The Sea

    SUNSET BEACH KIT by Regina Falango SUNSET BEACH ADD ON by Regina Falango SUNSET BEACH ACCENTS by Regina Falango
  9. Winter - art journal challenge july #1

    Winter - art journal challenge july #1

    When I think of winter, I feel a mixture of emotions in my heart. There are aspects that make me smile and others that make me a little dejected. Winter brings shorter days, with the sun withdrawing its warm rays earlier and earlier. It is sometimes hard to get out of bed when it is still dark...
  10. First Passport Photo 1960

    First Passport Photo 1960

    This layout was made for challenge 5-heritage. This is one of the very few photos I have from my childhood. This photo was from my first passport. That is why there are marks on my face. It's from the imprint from my passport being stamped. CIEL BLEU THE KIT by Regina Falango CIEL BLEU ADD...
  11. Hello-Spring


    Fancy Garden Kit By Regina Falango Fancy Garden Add On by Regina Falango
  12. Little Ole Me

    Little Ole Me

    Word Art - Make it the Star! For Challenge 4
  13. challenge 4

    challenge 4

    I created this page for the March Challenge #4 - Wordart Picture pixabay thanks for looking
  14. imagination


  15. 22 december

    22 december

    Day off, I finish my last ironing. After lunch with my hubby we lie down for a while, I think it's from the meds but I'm so tired. In the afternoon we do some daily shopping and buy some new clothes for my husband. He never needs anything, but when we have to leave somewhere he never has...
  16. Roses


    ROSES DE NOEL BUNDLE + FWP by Regina Falango thanks for looking
  17. DAY 3: Snowy Days

    DAY 3: Snowy Days

  18. Christmas Joy

    Christmas Joy

  19. Family Dinner

    Family Dinner

    For Challenge #4 (multi-photo) I used 2 photos, one large and one smaller. I layered flowers and greenery overtop and under the photo edges, finished by adding two journal cards and the title work.
  20. #6 Seasonal chall sept 2022

    #6 Seasonal chall sept 2022

    We don't have a Fall in Florida though we do still get beautiful flowers all years round and some color. Carte Postale by Regina Falango