1. lambs 2022

    lambs 2022

    June 2022 - Challenge #6 - Sketch Template
  2. Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    I took this photo at the zoo in Omaha where the beautiful swans were feeding in a green algae-covered stream. I added Simplette's Nothing More Frame, RF's Water Me, AASPN's Script Tease, LA Lily Pond as overlays.
  3. The Best Life

    The Best Life

    For May's 3rd Challenge - The 52 Inspiration Challenge We finally had some warmer weather and the girls stopped to admire some new blooms! This was inspired by a layout I found on Pinterest... and now I can't find it to credit the original designer! Augh!
  4. Sacred Time

    Sacred Time

    "We must create sacred time for ourselves." - Rachel Jefferies
  5. Bunnies.jpg


  6. BE March Challenge #5

    BE March Challenge #5

    March Challenge #5 - White Space https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-5-white-space.35063/#post-619087
  7. regina-falango_delicate.jpg


    Delicate by Regina Falango Picture by me thanks for looking
  8. RF-Roseline.jpg


    -*NEW* -"ROSALINE BUNDLE" by reginafalango
  9. Winter Memories

    Winter Memories

  10. RF-Chamonix.jpg


    -*NEW* -"CHAMONIX 1937 BUNDLE”by reginafalango
  11. RF-HappyJolly.jpg


    -*NEW* -"HAPPY JOLLY BUNDLE" by reginafalango LINK
  12. DAY 4 - Journaling Challenge

    DAY 4 - Journaling Challenge

    *Christmas Cookies* Journaling: Special Holiday Memories Baking cookies with Grandma was a Christmas tradition. The kids would go visit to bake and decorate cookies. Afterwards, they’d get to eat one or two (or three :D ) and then bring the rest home. For 12 Days Of December - DAY 4 -...
  13. Noel.jpg


    On the title I used two of the kit elements over the word art - the ornament at top and star at bottom - then a variety of the cute elements beneath the photos to make this cute quirky LO.
  14. The Last Crazy Christmas

    The Last Crazy Christmas

  15. challenge 7

    challenge 7

    For the wordart challenge by Sharon My lovely kids i used the carte postale by regina falango thanks for looking !
  16. My Loves

    My Loves

    For November 2021 Challenge #6 - White Space using: DARK TO LIGHT BUNDLE by Regina Falango
  17. The Swallows

    The Swallows

    For November Challenge #2 - Color Palette using: RUSTY SONG BUNDLE by Regina Falango By the Morning Light Kit by Lynne Anzelc ArtPlay Palette Routine by Anna Aspnes Photo: Freepick
  18. October-challenge-1-Pumpkins at the Arboretum--Dallas

    October-challenge-1-Pumpkins at the Arboretum--Dallas

    Beauttiful arboretum in Dallas and I was there one year when they were doing Wizard of Oz!
  19. Amy's Wedding Day

    Amy's Wedding Day

    My daughter's wedding day, October 2010
  20. Cheers


    Happy 11th Anniversary to my DD & S-I-L.