1. Christmas Joy

    Christmas Joy

  2. Family Dinner

    Family Dinner

    For Challenge #4 (multi-photo) I used 2 photos, one large and one smaller. I layered flowers and greenery overtop and under the photo edges, finished by adding two journal cards and the title work.
  3. #6 Seasonal chall sept 2022

    #6 Seasonal chall sept 2022

    We don't have a Fall in Florida though we do still get beautiful flowers all years round and some color. Carte Postale by Regina Falango
  4. If I were a flower . . .

    If I were a flower . . .

    If I were a flower . . . I would be a sunflower.
  5. Beach Adventure

    Beach Adventure

    Created using ADVENTURES bundle by Regina Falango
  6. os-3-acrobats.jpg


    My DGD during her acrobats class. Uses Regina Falango's New Birth
  7. Summer


    Created for the July COPY CAT Challenge
  8. lambs 2022

    lambs 2022

    June 2022 - Challenge #6 - Sketch Template
  9. Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    I took this photo at the zoo in Omaha where the beautiful swans were feeding in a green algae-covered stream. I added Simplette's Nothing More Frame, RF's Water Me, AASPN's Script Tease, LA Lily Pond as overlays.
  10. The Best Life

    The Best Life

    For May's 3rd Challenge - The 52 Inspiration Challenge We finally had some warmer weather and the girls stopped to admire some new blooms! This was inspired by a layout I found on Pinterest... and now I can't find it to credit the original designer! Augh!
  11. Sacred Time

    Sacred Time

    "We must create sacred time for ourselves." - Rachel Jefferies
  12. Bunnies.jpg


  13. BE March Challenge #5

    BE March Challenge #5

    March Challenge #5 - White Space https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-5-white-space.35063/#post-619087
  14. regina-falango_delicate.jpg


    Delicate by Regina Falango Picture by me thanks for looking
  15. RF-Roseline.jpg


    -*NEW* -"ROSALINE BUNDLE" by reginafalango
  16. Winter Memories

    Winter Memories

  17. RF-Chamonix.jpg


    -*NEW* -"CHAMONIX 1937 BUNDLE”by reginafalango
  18. RF-HappyJolly.jpg


    -*NEW* -"HAPPY JOLLY BUNDLE" by reginafalango LINK
  19. DAY 4 - Journaling Challenge

    DAY 4 - Journaling Challenge

    *Christmas Cookies* Journaling: Special Holiday Memories Baking cookies with Grandma was a Christmas tradition. The kids would go visit to bake and decorate cookies. Afterwards, they’d get to eat one or two (or three :D ) and then bring the rest home. For 12 Days Of December - DAY 4 -...
  20. Noel.jpg


    On the title I used two of the kit elements over the word art - the ornament at top and star at bottom - then a variety of the cute elements beneath the photos to make this cute quirky LO.