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  1. Share your light with the world

    Share your light with the world

  2. Stay close (to me)

    Stay close (to me)

  3. Just Us

    Just Us

    me and my girl Harlow
  4. I'm ready

    I'm ready

    The photo is a reflection of me in a window wearing a face mask
  5. Enough


  6. Sweetness


    A photo of our puppy Shih-Tzu Tygo
  7. Finding My Soul

    Finding My Soul

  8. My Boy, My Heart

    My Boy, My Heart

    created using T is For Together Collection by Rachel Jefferies and Studio Basic Designs
  9. Morning Light

    Morning Light

    created using Kindness Changes Everything Collection by Rachel Jefferies and Lynn Grieveson
  10. This is Me

    This is Me

    created using I'm Somewhere Inbetween Collection by Rachel Jefferies
  11. Details


    created using Zinnwaldite Collection by Rachel Jefferies
  12. Hello World

    Hello World

    Claire, Esther and me. We got together for a scrap/card-making day. Claire has an AMAZING craft room. We had so much fun looking through stamps, trying out card-making tools and inks, and generally enjoying girlfriend time! February 19, 2022 Rachel Jefferies/Lynn Grieveson: New Connections...
  13. Pretty Bird

    Pretty Bird

    created using New Connections Collection by Rachel Jefferies and Lynn Grieveson | Messy Pockets Boxed 3 by Lynn Grieveson
  14. Better Days Ahead

    Better Days Ahead

    Time for a BIG! OSCRAPS! WELCOME to our 2 NEW! Designers...Woot! Woot!...So glad you are both here : WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rachel Jefferies & Lynn Grieveson!!!...Eventhough this is Rachel's Gallery!!!...LOL!...I'm creating a layout for each of them to celebrate their arrival!!!...And for this...
  15. Sweetness


    Our two Shih-Tzu dogs Charly & Tygo
  16. Nature lover

    Nature lover

  17. New Connections

    New Connections

  18. New Connections

    New Connections

  19. This feels really good

    This feels really good

    credits : Lynn Grieveson and Rachel Jefferies : New connections . collection BuzzBee Scraps : Framed 01 . templates New connections . collection https://www.oscraps.com/shop/New-Connections-Digital-Scrapbooking-Collection.html Framed 01 . templates...
  20. t is for together

    t is for together