1. Hard Working Man

    Hard Working Man

    Done for the Member Challenge – Masculine Layout found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/masculine-layout.37053/ Journaling reads: May 2022 Mark began working on a cabin for the fire pit area so there would be some shelter for those who would get chilled in the cooler months of the...
  2. Man's Best Friend

    Man's Best Friend

    Done for the Rachel Jefferies Designer Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2023-02-rachel-jefferies-february-2023-mixed-media-challenge.37061/ Mark has not been feeling well this week and has been on the couch watching TV. Asher is not allowed on the couch unless he is...
  3. A skating guy

    A skating guy

    Photos of the mans in my life , husband and 2 boys .. they all are skaters
  4. Greatest Blessing

    Greatest Blessing

    The background is made up of three layers. The bottom layer is dark brown. The next layer is a lighter paper with green and brown on the left side with the blend mode set to Pin Light. The top paper is very similar to the middle paper except the green is darker and larger. For this pager, the...
  5. the moment

    the moment

  6. Amazing


    Documenting my main man... and experimenting with a dark background...
  7. Gone fishing.jpg

    Gone fishing.jpg

  8. Youth...


    This page took me a couple of weeks to finish - mostly because I needed to restore the photos and decide how I wanted to tell the story. The list of credits for this page is insane and totally out of character for me - but I wanted every element and every word strip to mean something and...
  9. Fixer Upper 1.jpg

    Fixer Upper 1.jpg

  10. Lucky Me

    Lucky Me

    For the August Momma O (Vicki Stegall) Challenge
  11. forget


  12. CRK Grand Prix {My Personal Race Car}

    CRK Grand Prix {My Personal Race Car}

    Brand new collection by CRK Designs! Grand Prix Bundle is a super fun collection for all the racing/car enthusiasts!
  13. wow


    JULY CHALLENGE #6 CopyCat scraplift nol challenge 7 by Hildy
  14. BE Ride 'Em Cowboy - CRK

    BE Ride 'Em Cowboy - CRK

  15. Nothing Better

    Nothing Better

    To add the artist's notebook to the page, I decreased the size of the 12x12 paper and then changed it's angle on the page.
  16. BE Mechanic's Love - MLDesigns - Color Play

    BE Mechanic's Love - MLDesigns - Color Play

    June Color Play weekend @ OScraps Sale 50% off June 24 - 27
  17. My-Hero.jpg


    Journaling reads: Daddy, I just can't find the words in English to tell you how much I love you. They just don’t exist. It’s true: Dad is a girl’s first hero. You are certainly mine! Always have been and always will be not for what you have done but because of who you are - a man of worth and...
  18. Andy-Hero   Recipe Challenge

    Andy-Hero Recipe Challenge

    List of items used: 2 papers (one solid, one plaid) 2 word strips 1 frame 1 tag w/journaling 1 staple 1 binder clip 1 playing card 1 bingo card 1 denim scrap 1 bracket 1 grid stamp 1 striped stamp 1 row of brads 1 stitched paper scrap 1 kraft paper scrap 1 gear 1 label (round black) 1 label...
  19. May 2008

    May 2008

  20. Hockey with dad

    Hockey with dad