#lorie davison

  1. Lab and Kitty on Valentine's Day

    Lab and Kitty on Valentine's Day

    I had so much fun with Lorie Davison's Window to My Heart. Daz3d Lab and cat created for the scene.
  2. Loved


    Created using: Window To My Heart (With everything in it!) by Lorie Davison
  3. Surf's Up

    Surf's Up

    Can you do a layout in 20 min? I have on a couple of occasions - as part of a challenge - though usually it takes me longer than that... This page took me 18 minutes to complete... but then I spent another 15 playing with the title... I really like the way Surf's Up - included in the kit - looks...
  4. Poet's Muse

    Poet's Muse

    *I took this photo of my daughter recently and used an app to make her face look like an 18th Century painting. Then I blended some textures and flowers into the photo to keep the theme going :D For January Challenge #4 - Big Photo using: The Poet's Keepsakes (with everything in it!) by Lorie...
  5. Hey Ho

    Hey Ho

    Had to scrap my newest favorite of Christmas songs. Combining two kits from Lorie Davison was the perfect way to go.
  6. Little Things

    Little Things

    I absolutely love ABBAs new Christmas song!
  7. Day-7-challenge-Border--A Blue Christmas

    Day-7-challenge-Border--A Blue Christmas

    I love blues so I thought it would be a fun challenge to try and make the Christmas border/setting as blue as possible. I ended up using a ton of designers' Christmas/winter elements. So much fun!
  8. A  Midwinter Nights dream

    A Midwinter Nights dream

    I started this lay out 10 May 2018 with a vague idea (I wanted Matt with antlers on a shark, great idea of Lori Davis) but I dreaded working with the pen. Now I have followed several courses in Illustrator and Photoshop I not afraid of that thing anymore ;) So I cutted the antlers and the rider...
  9. Leaves By The Hundreds

    Leaves By The Hundreds

    For AnnaColor Challenge 11.06.2021 -11.18.2021 Photo: Unsplash
  10. Rustle, Rustle

    Rustle, Rustle

    For November 2021 Challenge #1: Storybook/Fantasy Challenge using: The Artists' Faeries (With everything in it!) by Lorie Davison Flitting Fall Faeries Collection With Everything In It by Lorie Davison Fonts: MrsEavesPetiteCaps MTFFrozenSolid Quote: Rustle, rustle, autumn’s here. So wander...
  11. Snowflakes in Winter

    Snowflakes in Winter

    Used this quote in the picture, love it. I added all kinds of different snowflakes for the setting. We are like a snowflake, all different in our own beautiful way. - author unknown
  12. Traveling Memories

    Traveling Memories

    For October Challenge #5 - Artist Inspiration I was inspired by the black and white photos of the water and horizons as well as the lakes in the in color photos. This photo was in color but I decided it would look better in B&W. Created using: The Somewhat Perillous Sea Voyages of Cealio (With...
  13. God Lurks in the Gaps

    God Lurks in the Gaps

    I heard this quote on Criminal Minds today: Jorge Luis Borges quote: “The future is inevitable and precise, but it may not occur. God lurks in the gaps.” I like that! I believe in the sovereignty of God and it sounds like Jorge Luis Borges does, too! 8/29/21
  14. Somewhere-on-the-sea.jpg


    Fun at the sea with Wolf. I blended the stunning seguls/ boats into teh scene
  15. Birdhouses, Birds, Butterflies and...the Fox--Recipe-Challenge-7

    Birdhouses, Birds, Butterflies and...the Fox--Recipe-Challenge-7

    I adore birdhouses. The center one is mine and then I added all the birdhouses from various designers to meet the recipe challenge. That was so much fun!
  16. Challenge-2-Color Pallette--4 Parrots in a Row

    Challenge-2-Color Pallette--4 Parrots in a Row

    4 Parrots at the Houston Zoo-Challenge 2, turquoise and orange/golds
  17. Water Water Everywhere

    Water Water Everywhere

    Done for the July 52 Inspirations Challenge #3 I blended my photo into the background with the Overlay blend mode.
  18. Finch Park

    Finch Park

    For the July Creative Techniques Challenge Process: 1st I created a Dodge and Burn Layer and darkened the pink area on the left and darkened the trees behind the kids in the photo. 2nd I created depth of field in the layout with the leaves (color picked from trees in photo) and the butterflies.
  19. Fuchsia Watercolor

    Fuchsia Watercolor

    Photo is mine edited in PSE15.
  20. Walk Your Path

    Walk Your Path

    Created for Lorie Davison Somewhere Near The Sea. What a fabulous Collection -it's so full of wonderful backgrounds, elements, paints and word art that it's hard to decide which ones to use! Be sure to pick up this collection today for your summer beach photographs.