1. Boo-From-the-Crew


    These are the nurses and workers at the oncology center where I am getting my chemo. The first chemo I had was on Halloween. They graciously posed for a photo for me! Masquerade Collection Bundleby Mixed Media by Erin
  2. Gallery-Boo-at-the-Zoo.jpg


    Masquerade Collection Bundleby Mixed Media by Erin
  3. Happy Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  4. Spooky Vibes

    Spooky Vibes

    The process ... started with an artsy transfer and add it bit of word art ants transfers. For the weird as it seems my word art was my second step, I was had my focus on that, LoL. It was time to had a photo and so ... I did that, used the the elements from the collection and clipped my photo...
  5. etd Spooky Season

    etd Spooky Season

    My grand-cat, Harley sitting on the front door mat. I used et designs Spooky Season to create my page.
  6. Nevermore


    October Challenge #3 - Storybook/Fantasy — https://oscraps.com/community/threads/october-challenge-3-storybook-fantasy.38376 I chose The Raven for my fantasy setting. I blended the dark castle paper over a light-textured one using Linear Light. The sketched skull, cat, and ghost are blended...
  7. Hocus Pocus

    Hocus Pocus

    This bundle has everything you need for a spooky Halloween. Individual kits are also on sale!
  8. Halloween.jpg


    Another spooky display I saw on my daily walk, these people love their spooky stuff :)
  9. Isaiah-Halloween.jpg


    Spooky Season by Etc Designs – Spooky Season Digital Scrapbooking Bundle by et designs | Oscraps


    Created with Spooky Season Bundle | et designs at Oscraps


    Created with Spooky Season Bundle | et designs at Oscraps
  12. oct. 31

    oct. 31

  13. Spooktacular


    Spooktacular by Palvinka Designs has been released in the Oscraps store.
  14. Halloween.jpg


    Spooktacular by Palvinka – Spooktacular Collection (oscraps.com)
  15. FallMasterpiece.jpg


  16. Pirates.jpg


    Such a cool collection!!
  17. JHD A Halloween Memory

    JHD A Halloween Memory

    I created this layout for Joyful Heart Design's October Love Of The Darkside "A Halloween Memory". When we were in grade school, we had to walk approximately a mile to get to school. The shortest route was through a cemetery, which we loved. Especially, at Halloween time, because there was a...
  18. The Pumpkin Academy.jpg

    The Pumpkin Academy.jpg

    3 papers were blended to create the background. The characters were then sized to fit the perspective.It took some time but it was a fun project.
  19. The Apprentices.jpg

    The Apprentices.jpg

  20. All Hallowed Cemetery

    All Hallowed Cemetery

    I created this page with itKuPiLLi Imaginarium All Hallowed Bundle, which includes All Hallowed Cemetery. I have a fascination with cemeteries that have beautiful statuary, especially old ones. When I was in grade school, the shortest way to get there was through a cemetery and we always cut...