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  1. You rule

    You rule

    For Lynn Grieveson March 2024 Featured Product Challenge. Crowned Digital Scrapbooking Kit by Lynn Grieveson
  2. It's December

    It's December

    The Featured Collection at Oscraps in December 2023
  3. lessons


    scraplifted this page by @anke55
  4. this photo

    this photo

    2023-09 Vicki Robinson September Challenge
  5. Life goes on

    Life goes on

    for Lynn Grieveson August 2023 Featured Product Challenge with the Featured Product "Don't Quit" Collection by Lynn Grieveson and Studio Basic Photo: Pixabay
  6. the concert

    the concert

    2023-08 Vicki Robinson August Challenge
  7. man at work

    man at work

  8. found


  9. Still a child

    Still a child

    For Lynn Grieveson May 2023 Featured Product Challenge I used her "Still A Child" Collection by Lynn Grieveson Photo: Pixabay
  10. What's not to understand there?

    What's not to understand there?

    04-2023 Vicki Robinson April Challenge
  11. stroke of luck

    stroke of luck

  12. Good Morning

    Good Morning

    for Lynn Grieveson November 2022 Featured Product Challenge With her "Wake Up Happy" Digital Scrapbooking Collection Photo: Pixabay
  13. Gymboree Clothes

    Gymboree Clothes

    For the background, I used the three backgrounds in the "use it all" free kit and blended two together, and then used layer --> blending options --> and played with the bottom slider to blend all the backgrounds together. This is also using one of this month's featured products, Karen Schultz...
  14. 22-08_rjefferies-giveyourselfpermission


    2022-08 Rachel Jefferies August Featured Product Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-08-rachel-jefferies-august-featured-product-challenge-08-15-2022-09-14-2022.36098/#post-636575
  15. live life to the fullest

    live life to the fullest

    Vicki Robinson July Challenge
  16. summertime


  17. Sweet Spring

    Sweet Spring

    My kid sister and me. She's so darling. This LO is really simple: the background has several brushes on it under the photos, add overlays and elements over the photo, the word art and title and it's done.
  18. LO1.jpg


    I came across this photo from Pixabay and had to scrap it. The twins are so darn cute in their bunny outfits. The bundle Rendezvous with the Sun by Simplette is full of bright sunny elements and clusters. I duplicated one and tucked it in behind the photos then added the vine and some individual...
  19. 22-04_O_Lynn-Grieveson's-April-featured-product-challenge


    2022-04 Lynn Grieveson's April featured product challenge: Get Botanical! https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-04-lynn-grievesons-april-featured-product-challenge-get-botanical.35342/
  20. Gentry 01

    Gentry 01

    Waldine is a distant shirttail cousin. I wish I had known that she and Woodrow lived just over an hour away from us and we went through Springdale several times a year on the way to Tahlequah, Oklahoma from Mountain Home, Arkansas. Stranger yet, their son lived in the same city as I did and I...