anna aspnes

  1. This


    Old family photos
  2. I Love the Sea

    I Love the Sea

    But for now, it's the wading pool and swimming pool for me.
  3. Love is in the Air. Collaboration Challenge 7!

    Love is in the Air. Collaboration Challenge 7!

    Used the Live Life Collab kit featuring several OScraps designers. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Live-Life-An-Oscraps-Collaboration.html
  4. Kindred Spirits

    Kindred Spirits

    I was able to meet one of our Own for lunch today: Danesa. I found out she lived close to me and contacted her to see if she wanted to meet for lunch. Our loving husbands were concerned for our safety, but we were not in the least bit worried! My comment to Danesa was, "I can't picture.......
  5. Mr. Ruby

    Mr. Ruby

    Done for the June Font Challenge #6
  6. Say Yes to Travel

    Say Yes to Travel

  7. AnnaColor Challenge Celebrate this Day

    AnnaColor Challenge Celebrate this Day

    The day my grandson was unexpectedly delivered in the bathroom without the midwife.
  8. Fuchsia


    Done for the June Seasons Challenge #4
  9. Years Gone By

    Years Gone By

    Done for the June Artsy/Mixed Media Challenge #2 This is my mom and me giving my baby brother a bottle.
  10. Spectrum Lake

    Spectrum Lake

    Credits: Anna Aspnes - Artplay Palette Explore - https://www.oscraps.com/shop/ArtPlay-Palette-Explore.html
  11. Sailboat


  12. John's Island SC

    John's Island SC

    This particular product is a limited option is back at a 57% discount and now includes the coordinating ArtsyTransfers. This product will no longer be available after May 26, 2021 at 9am EST.
  13. Flag Football and Soccer

    Flag Football and Soccer

    I added a blending mode and changed the opacity of my background photo from our bike ride on this day.
  14. Life's Little Pleasures

    Life's Little Pleasures

  15. Happy Place

    Happy Place

    May Template Challenge #5
  16. April-white-Space.jpg


    Made for the WS challenge but lay out only worked with blended Big photo..Compagnion page for my book (another Jackdaw photo
  17. Adore THIS

    Adore THIS

    Done for the Clean and Simple (white space) challenge at Just Art Scrapbooking
  18. In Full Bloom

    In Full Bloom

  19. Easter.jpg


  20. Begin600.jpg