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  1. My dreams and hopes

    My dreams and hopes

    My son turned 15 last month but this is NOT the layout to celebrate the occasion. This one is for me only - all the things he doesn't want to hear, all the tenderness he doesn't want to deal with, and all the beauty he refuses to see. There will be a masculine page at some point, but for now -...
  2. Forever


    Trying to complete as many double pages as possible... this one is the companion page to my previous layout here
  3. Simple Life

    Simple Life

    I loved this kit so much, I decided to turn my earlier layout into a double-page spread. This time I paired it with a template by Anna Aspnes - those are great page starters and can be rehashed in a number of ways - flipping, turning off layers, adding/deleting elements, resizing... sky's the...
  4. Break from Skiing

    Break from Skiing

    December for us is Christmas, family and skiing. I made this page for Day 7 This Is December challenge here. This is the right-hand-side of a soon-to-be double spread documenting our lunch breaks back in 2009 when Thing 3 and Thing 4 were still too young to ski with us. Note: The original...
  5. The Mists of Nostalgia 2

    The Mists of Nostalgia 2

    And the left-hand-side to my double pager documenting December 2008. I am not sure if MagicalReality Designs' products were meant to be used this way, but there were sure fun to work with. Thank you for looking.
  6. The Mists of Nostalgia

    The Mists of Nostalgia

    Somehow I thought if I got a dramatically different kit my page would turn out similarly different... but I guess we just can't escape who we are... Ha ha.... So, I'll keep trying, but in the meantime this artsy layout is one more page for the 2008 album I'm hoping to complete one day. I had a...
  7. Fall


    I was feeling a bit deflated and didn't really know what to scrap... so decided to brouse the Featured section here and saw this beautiful template by Anna and... found myself inspired by all the autumn kits... I love blending styles - Anna's artsy template with Karen's more traditional kit...
  8. Grandparents Are Like Stars

    Grandparents Are Like Stars

    When I downloaded this kit by Fiddlelette Designs as part of my personal 'try a new designer' project, I thought a page would take me forever... This style is waaay out of what I usually use. But boy... was I surprised when this page came together in just about 45 mintues.... I added a couple of...
  9. Shell Yeah!

    Shell Yeah!

    This is my entry to this month's Challenge No1 - create a layot using Color Play products. It is also the companion page to one of my previous layouts and the spread will enetually go into my 2022 album - whenever that happens, lol...
  10. Relax


    Another gorgeous collection from Karen. Paired with a template by Anna Aspnes.
  11. Looks like Paradise

    Looks like Paradise

    Created with Seashell Passion by Xuxper Designs, part of the June 2022 Color Play collection on sale through Monday I used a template and wordart by Anna Aspnes. The photos are mine.
  12. Oscraps Boho Summer Collab

    Oscraps Boho Summer Collab

    Oscraps Boho Summer Collab is a beautiful and I used one of the included templates by Anne Aspnes. https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Boho-Summer-Oscraps-Collab-Mega-Kit.html
  13. The Bride

    The Bride

    I have scrapped our wedding photos a number of times but still haven't decided whether to use one kit/style for the whole album. The creative me wants to play with different kits, but the visual me longs for a cohesive look... In other words, 17 years down the road I am still searching. And...
  14. You Rock

    You Rock

    A simple lyaout that will one day go into my album... I clipped papers to some of watercolor stains and added a few elements to complete the look.
  15. Life


  16. If not now...

    If not now...

  17. More Ideas Than Time

    More Ideas Than Time

  18. Christmas 2007 Left

    Christmas 2007 Left

    Those who know me or have looked through my gallery and IG feed would know that I LOVE templates. This page was no exception. I found this awesome template by Anne Aspnes and paired it with Santa Express - new collection by Karen Schulz and Lunda Cumberland availble here at Oscraps. Anna's...
  19. Up


    I Chose 3 Layouts By Zwyck As My influence For This Scraplift: Here are the Links To these Wonderful! Layouts : https://oscraps.com/community/media/become-like-a-bird.351393/ https://oscraps.com/community/media/follow-your-dreams.338639/ https://oscraps.com/community/media/embrace.342031/ My...
  20. Mediterranka Take Me Home

    Mediterranka Take Me Home

    We rescued our orange tabby, Sam, so this kit was perfect! Mediterranka Take Me Home: Oscraps.com Digital Scrapbook Store | Scrapbooking Ideas :: All New :: Take me home (Full kit) I also used AASPN Template: AASPN Stitched Templates: Anna Aspnes Designs | Digital Scrapbook Designer:Oscraps...