Wintry Dream

Wintry Dream

January Monthly Challenge 2 - Storybook/Fantasy Challenge

The morning sky was pink and violet. Sunlight twinkled on the snowflakes. Like delicate blossoms they floated in the wind. With a leap, she followed to dance
and swirl among them.
The dance was old and new: the song was whispered. She no longer shivered.
The light glowed and glistened and faded into morn.
Credits list
WinterTemplate Album 1A
APP Halcyon
Halcyon Artsy Transfers
Halcyon WordArt Mix No. 1
Silver SnowFlakes No. 1-7
Winter WordArt Mix No. 2
Photo -pixabay

Winter Template Album 1A-5 creates the foundation for this design. APP Halcyon Solid paper 3 is the foundation and Artsy Paper 4 is clipped to the FotoBlendz Layer. The figure is extracted and duplicated several times. The Blending modes are adjusted on the layers to Overlay and Screen. The Opacity was adjusted on the layers to achieve the glow. A layer of blue is layered above some of the layers. The Artsy transfers were added to the paint layers and the brushes recolored. Snow flakes and fotoglows were part of the template.

Thank you for looking!
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
Nancy, congrats on the Standing O! Love the almost B&W Ballerina with shades of grey-blue and pink - very eye-catching!
congrats on the standing o.
what a beautiful poem/text and so romantically visualised.

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