AnnaLift 08/07/20 - Hot and Sturgis

AnnaLift 08/07/20 - Hot and Sturgis

AnnaLift 08/07/20 - Hot and Sturgis

aA new APP Twilight Zone, MM Magic Sprinkles, older paper, frame, brushes, textures, fotoblendz, urban threadz
Photo: Cindy Gustafson

It was 88 degrees when we sat out on the patio in Fort Collins for lunch on Friday, but it was still comfortable. Later, it got up to 99. The 80th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally went on with COVID-19, tens of thousands and very few masks. "If we get it, we chose to be here," they said.

Sturgis is the biggest party I know of out here and people (mostly guys) come thousands of miles and stream by us on the interstate for days, to camp out, drink beer, show off bikes and see scantily-clad women. The photos on the news tell you everything you need to know.
Sturgis - I don't understand - maybe they are in the twilight zone - love your butterflies! beautiful page hope the heat does not get to you
I was just reading about this ... and you get to see it stream by. I like your beautifully understated butterflies.
And what will happen about two weeks after Sturgis? I couldn't believe this was allowed to happen. There's certainly a diversity of opinion going on about COVID. Definitely a good use of Twilight Zone.
This is a gorgeous layout spread. I love the colors and blending, along with the great use of white space!
Beautiful design! Sounds like you have a front row seat! Try to avoid them! I think I am becoming paranoid. As nice as it would be to get out and about, I do not think a huge crowd is the place To be.
Beautiful layout ... incredible that such an event can continue with current covid infections ...
in our municipality (and also in the neighboring municipalities) all festivities have already been canceled until the end of October ... a pity but we have to continue ....
Very beautiful design! love the colors too! And those lovely butterflies...
This Is a beautiful page- love the dots and your soft, faded butterflies.Could be how the bikers may fade away after exposing themselves to the chance of contracting COVIDtheir choice but certainly not mine.
Beautiful page, love the soft colours and the butterfles. Thanks for lifting my layout!

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