Travel Book 2022 Pages 2 & 3 - Birds

Travel Book 2022 Pages 2 & 3 - Birds

This is my second and third pages to my Travel Project 2022 Album. Text reads: We both got new cameras in 2021 and were anxious to try them out. The weather wasn't nice enough for a long trip somewhere since we are not equipped to travel in the snow. We took every nice day we could and went to our local areas. Since we live near Lake Washington, we decided birds would be good photography subjects. We went into farm country where we saw a rare Tundra Swan!
The most fantastic display that took our breath away was a flock of snow geese as they took flight. I was so in awe that moment is embedded in my memory for life. Next winter we shall be going back to Edison, WA, to look for them again.

Construction: I combined the Scenic Template Album No. 6_6 & 7 with the Travel Template Album No. 6_2 frames. ArtPlay Incandescence Solid Paper #5 was used for the background. I clipped my main photo to the Scenic Template Album No. 6 page 6 Fotoblendz modifying it to only include the upper left portion. Then I clipped my other main photo to the Scenic Template Album No. 6 page 7 Fotoblendz, duplicated it and clipped to the lower portion of the Scenic Template Album No. 6 page 6 Fotoblendz covering the bottom of page 6.
I clipped my photos to the frames of Travel Template Album No. 6_2, which I moved positions. I also used the paper and postage from the travel template.
For the clusters, I used ArtPlay Palette Lost’s Pink Flower, Sweet Pea and String. I added Remember WordART Mix No. 3 Wood Word ” see”. The text is Baskerville Old Face.
What a lovely array of birds! A great double page to get your Travel Album started!!
What wonderful photos! Birding is like that...what you see sometimes get burned into your brain. My first tundra swan had me gawking most inelegantly! Those snow geese...swoon! This is going to be a fabulous album!
Beautiful! I love that we go for mobs of birds instead of mobs of people. We've seen the snow geese and tundra swans in northern Utah but we have to drive for 10 hours each way. You are very lucky!
Wonderful photo of the flight of the snow geese!
And you got to see tundra swan ... what a day.

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