The Magic

The Magic

Inspiration – I have been playing with some old photos editing them in my new software. So I thought to use one of these photos for my page.
Start – File>new 12x12 300
Paper – Solid paper5 placed above the background layer.
Mask – Multilayered Fotoblendz 7.4 was added to the page and after the photo was attached to the mask layer I used Edit>fill to add color to the other layers choosing colors to match the photo.
Frames – I took the frames from Yuletide Artsy Layered Template and placed above the focal photo
Photos – I attached my focal photo to the mask layer using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. The I attached two other photos to the mask layers of the frames again using Layer>Create Clipping Mask.
Transfers – Artsy Transfer4 I placed on the right edge of the focal photo but I turned off the layers that extended beyond the page. Transfer 1 I placed in the upper left hand corner.
Elements – MultiMedia Hygge 4 was placed over the framed photos. The I added the twig so it connected to the Multimedia item. I placed the leather bow from the charm to the twig. Lastly I added the UrbanThreadz, sequin and leave from MultiMedia Hygge 2.
Words – I placed script tease 1 under the focal photo and then added the wood words The Magic for my title.
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