St Edward Seminary

St Edward Seminary

Once a seminary, Saint Edward is now a beautifully renovated lodge in the middle of the 316-acre Saint Edward State Park. Just 4 miles from my home, this was the first time I had been here. I had a wonderful time photographing the building architecture. Now that I found this treasure, there are acres of park, trails and even Lake Washington waterfront to explore.
Text reads: Once a seminary, built in the 1930s to educate young men for the priesthood, it is now a beautifully renovated lodge sitting on the 316-acre Saint Edward State Park. Kenmore, WA., July 8, 2023.
Above the door: “SPES MESSIS IN SEMINE,” or, “The hope of the harvest is in the seed.”
Aristotle: “A life of eudaimonia is a life of striving. It's a life of pushing yourself to your limits, and finding success. A eudaimonistic life will be full of the happiness that comes from achieving something really difficult, rather than just having it handed to you.”

Construction: I started with Eudaimonia Artsy Layered Template which I flipped horizontally. I clipped my main photo to Eudaimonia FotoBlendz No 1 #5. I clipped my other photos to 3 of the template frames. The 4th frame I clipped 6X4 ArtsyKardz Eudaimonia #1. I then moved them and clipped ArtPlay Palette Eudaimonia Solid Paper #1 to all the frames. I extracted the statue and added a drop shadow.
I added ArtPlay Palette Eudaimonia ArtsyPaper #2 as the background. I adjusted the blue hues slightly to better match the blues in my photos.
The title Word Art wood word “Life” is from the Eudaimonia Collection Bonus. I added the palette’s lined word “Eudaimonia”.
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ArtPlay Eudaimonia Collection
ArtPlay Palette Eudaimonia
Eudaimonia Artsy Layered Template
Eudaimonia FotoBlendz No 1

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  1. Anna Aspnes
Excellent collage of history and pictures. I love castles, palaces, mansions and lodges and their stories. I listen to a lot of audio books about the Middle Ages. Great site!
Love the photos and history of this beautiful place. The textures, butterflies and lace compliment nicely.
Ooooooh! Love this. Getting architectural details right is so darn hard...but you definitely crushed it!

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