Spooky!  Creepy!

Spooky! Creepy!

Done for the Love of the Dark Side Designer Challenge found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threa...-with-joyful-heart-designs-august-2023.38100/

The spookiest, creepiest thing I have ever “participated” in was watching The Exorcist at the cinema in 1976. The movie came out in 1973, but being a Christian from a Christian family, we were not allowed to see the movie. But after I got married my husband and I went to see it. Watching all of the gore spew from her mouth was gross. Watching her head turn 360 degrees was horrible! I wanted to get up and leave the movie…..but it was like I was glued to my chair and couldn’t move! After we went home to our 3rd floor apartment and getting ready for bed, I had to use the bathroom. The bathroom had a bulb stuck in a light socket in the ceiling that did not give off much light. I made my husband stand outside the bathroom door the whole time I was in there!

Our pastor at the time knew some other preachers who participated in an exorcism. The teenager would threaten his parents with knives and was doing all kinds of creepy things that the pastors would not even share. Our pastor told us it was too gruesome for the participating pastors to even discuss. I cannot imagine actually witnessing something like that! I know Satan is powerful and is “walking around seeking whom he may devour” so I believe in the whole premise behind The Exorcist! I also believe that “greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world” but I’m not going to test Satan’s powers. So I stay clear of anything occult related! I’m praying I don’t have nightmares after creating this page!
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Oh my gosh, Vicky you just brought back a buried memory for me. When The Exorcist came out, I went out with a group of people for dinner and everybody except one guy and I wanted to see it. I WOULD NOT go and he and I (our spouses went to the movie) just killed a few hours while the rest of them went to see it. I used to go to D.C. a lot (my sister lived there) and there are actual steps where one of the scenes from that movie was filmed. Talk about CREEPY. I don't "do" creepy either. Love your interpretation of this dark side challenge.
Your journaling is amazing and descriptive and I can feel your fear!
I saw The Omen when I was really young and to this day I am terrified of being stuck under ice.

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