Seek your vision

Seek your vision

ArtPlay Palette Carpe Diem (solid paper, artsy paper, brushes, transfers, flower element)
MultiMedia Documents No.9
Carpe Diem WordARTMix No.1
Carpe Diem FotoBlendz No.1
ArtPlay Palette Remembrancer (glasses)

This was a 2-step process. Part I: Using one of the artsy papers, I blended the photo (which is shiny and ripply and just plain terrible). Then I used one of the MM document files (opening the .psd version) and placed it under the blended image of my grandfather to create a shirt for him. Some of the layers were moved a little, some were deleted (threadz and button), and some had the blending mode changed. Added the big flower and the glasses. Part II: I created a composite of the above (CTRL + ALT + Shift + E). I put a new solid under the composite layer. Then, I opened the new FB folder. I used several FB to create a mask for the composite. At this point everything was resized. Then I worked on adding more color and dimension. Finally, I added the journaling and called it done.

Thanks for looking :)
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Absolutely! Fabulous!!!...WOW!...Congrats! on the GSO!!!...I'm totally in love! with your color choices here & your blends are seamless!!!... o_O...
I can only repeat-fabulous, beautiful, stunning!!! Your journaling is as lovely as your art and your technique is perfection. Congratulations!
Congratulations! You are such an amazing artist! This is stunning. Absolutely love the blending modes and how you arranged them on the photo. Again, you have the most wonderful collection of family photos!!
The blending and photo treatment here is just superb. Congrats on your Standing O!

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