Ripped From the Headlines

Ripped From the Headlines

A bit busy, but my mind is clutter at the moment.

Anna Aspnes
Artplay Palette Twilight Zone (new August 7)
Twilight Zone WordART Mix 1 (new August 7)

Artplay Palette Frozen (stars) Artplay Palette Frozen
MultiMedia Documents 3 (staples) MultiMedia Documents 3
Cool Glows 4 Cool Glows 4

An artsy paper from APP Twilight Zone was used as the foundation of the page. The vintage TV was layered in the middle. A custom fotoblendz mask was made to cover the screen part of the TV. A photo downloaded from the internet was clipped to the mask. The image of the people (also downloaded from the internet) was extracted. A sticker background was added with a custom shadow. The image was duplicated, placed behind the TV. A color burn blending mode was added. FotoGlows (blending mode set to color burn) were layered over the people to add some color balance. Several transfers and a splatter from the kit were added. The button was resized larger and a color burn blending mode was added. The page was completed with word art and dimensional embellishments.

Thank you for looking!
I love this beautiful design, love how you made stickers from the people in front of your page, the different colortones, just wow !

Congrats i give you a GSO here
Great work and congrats on the GSO. I did some research but never came up with such great details. You rocked it!
Congratulations! This is a perfect prediction of today. I do wish we would be as demanding as they were to those that do not heed the mandates to keep us safe. A fabulous LO.
Yes, this totally sums up the times. I can't say I "like" the chaotic feel- but I appreciate it and feel the same, 100%
Fab art for 2020
Love how you put this page together. The blending, masks and extractions are fantastic! Congrats on the Standing O!
These images, and how you put them all together, are amazing. History repeating itself is scary!
Great fun! Love all the sticker people and the way everything moves around the page.

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