Portland July 2020

Portland July 2020

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Photoshop Elements 14

A blended composition of a copyright-free internet image over Artsy Papers with transfers and overlays. The Uncle Sam brush looks on from above.
This makes me so sad! Our country is suffering so much right now. This is beautiful.
Amazing and perfect capture! As a resident of Portland you cannot imagine the anger, and to hear the words about Portland being "quelled" is just making people spitting mad. This feels positively Hitlerian. Pardon me for getting so political - your wonderful page moved me :)
The tragic times our country is suffering is so well documented by your page. I am beyond imagining what will happen next. When can we rid ourselves of this growing menace--will November come soon enough?
Great art that captures the emotions a lot of us have. Even the New York Times had in one of its articles, WTF. LOL
You have a unique ability to visually capture the events and emotions of what's currently happening! Make America great again? He's destroying it and doesn't care!
Let's hope come Nov. that we have not forgotten. Love the colors and blending - awesome message!
You perfectly captured the horror of this event. Nothing but political trampling of our rights. Our tyrannical government sent the storm troopers in all for graffiti. cannot wait until November.
you captured your feelings and this outrageous action in an artsy page.
i am stunned about all happening over the last weeks and months in your beautiful country.
Very dynamic and vibrant! Suggests the energy and movement of the situation!

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