The Crossing

The Crossing

One more from our Mt Hood hike. Story is about how we missed the easy crossing and took the riskier way across. That's not how I skinned my knees, that was just clumsiness climbing over trees blocking the trail, but nothing makes me so happy as soaking my feet in cold water at the end of a hike :)

Anna Aspnes:
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I would never have made it across the river by walking on the log - love the idea of feet in cold water! gorgeous photos! fantastic page!
Exceptional photo of the mountain in the background and the flowers in the foreground, and beautiful in between. The luxury of the foot soak sounds great- we have never once had that in all my years of hiking.
Your photographs are just gorgeous and I love all of the smaller, framed pictures. The arrows are a great touch, too. Beautiful page!
The yellow flowers leap right out--that's such a great photo. The log-walking looks like fun. Lovely composition for a lovely day!
The photos are brilliant love the background with the view of the mountain with the snow on and the flowers in the front I would never had dared such a crossing on a log I admire your courage as for your knees getting grazed it looks like it was all worth worth it at the end of the day.

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