Superman Needed

Superman Needed

Anna Aspnes

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Process: For details, please see blog post Superman Needed, https://photostorify.com/superman-needed/.
Beautiful and heartening imagery! Love the bright flag, that box of goodies, and the adorable superhero!
So wonderful! Such a great pose and I love the way you used the flags
what a fanciful transposition of a wish in those times. love your idea for this page very much.
artistic and technically excellent implemented. thanks for your description on your blog.
Great use of the box in this layout...and agreed. A superpower a definitely needed (or many superpeople, if the secret police activity currently happening in Portland is a test for what will happen in all American cities in the future).
Yes I think you are correct we need a hero to take charge! love the two extractions of the boy and flag - such depth to the page! amazing!

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