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I used a large paint layer on the template for my primary mask, clipping to it my photo of the ancient fresco. Upon that photo I montaged a snapshot of a plaster cast of one of the citizens who had died in Mt. Vesuvius' volcanic eruption, snuggling the stay word art transfer underneath so that it was visible through the victim's arm.

I swapped out the template frames with the new framed masks, inserted the photos, did the journaling, and placed the word art.

Then it was time to have fun with the background. I layered solid papers on different blending modes until I liked the results, then added the Architexture stamps, clouds, and word transfers for atmosphere.

As a finishing touch, I distressed the layout with a photo I had taken of a dark fresco, putting it at the top of the layers panel, reducing the opacity, and then scratching away random areas. To finish, I stamped on the stonework Architextures along the bottom and added the gold coins.
Breathtakingly surreal! Fascinating to look at. What wonderful work you did here, loved reading your notes. Learned something new from your journaling also. How fortunate to have experienced all this!
Oh, Pompei is on my bucket list, but to see what is happend on the old time is upsetting experience.
Very nice, and informative page!
Wonderful page! Love all the photos! I had a first grader bring a book about Pompeii to school once. We spent hours just talking about it and volcanos! Truly a teachable moment!

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