Number Please/Anna lift

Number Please/Anna lift

APP Embers pp and paint
APP Saffron Villa
TCC vellum
Anna mask paint
Anna Urban threadz from frame

lifted from Vivre
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Love! My mother's first job was a telephone operator and we still have rotary phones in my house. My grandkids think that they're a novelty! Wonder design and warm colors.
This is great! The way you organized the content echoes those pictures of switchboard operators all in a row. Bravo!
The horizontal design is splendid. I used to love the sound of our rotary phone as the wheel hit the end then spun back around.
Love this! Me too! The phone company was allowed to pay us and train us before we turned (15 or 16?) and I was soon making good money and hoo boy, still a whole lot of "Your number please" out in the boonies in the late 60s. LOL
This is an awesome layout! Love the flow of color horizontally with the photos. In the early 1970's I was one of the switchboard operators for a large airport hotel in Los Angeles. The board filling with lights, and cords crisscrossed everywhere. What fun!

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