My little mermaid

My little mermaid

This is my gorgeous niece. She loves mermaids & when she saw this page she wanted to become a mermaid & had a bit of a angry moment. So I guess my work evokes strong emotions to my target audience. lol. She does like it thankfully & thought I’d show it off. I’m hoping I get better with creating with my niece & nephew in fun adventures. The size was reduced from a4, I used A4 as it’s easier to print. I haven’t tested it with my printer yet but I need to, help me learn what I get wrong. Lol.
Adorable! utterly adorable! I love how you have the light/glows at the top of the page filtering through the water to your niece- she looks so serene in her home under the sea :)
How fun and cute! I know she must have adored it. It looks like she's made friends, already, under-the-sea! That little turtle, swimming above, makes me smile. So cute.
Thank you. It’s one close to my heart so all your comments are wonderful to me. She is a water baby. I have watched her from being very tiny to medium tiny now & playing in water & her face is just full of joy. Just videos atm due to living in strict lockdown.

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