1. Brown Pelican

    Brown Pelican

    I so love all the wildlife I get to see and photograph living in South Florida.
  2. Blue Heron

    Blue Heron

    The photo has been altered using the Sketch Filter in Photoshop CC. The photo was duplicated and the Sketch Filter with the Bas Relief Setting was applied to the bottom photo. The top photo was then set to a Blending Mode of Pin Light.
  3. Imagine The Impossible

    Imagine The Impossible

    Imagine The Impossible by Palvinka: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Imagine-The-Impossible-Collection.html
  4. Steveston Fisherman Wharf

    Steveston Fisherman Wharf

  5. Under My Umbrella

    Under My Umbrella

    Kit "Sea Story" From NLD Designs Photo by Pezibear at Pixabay.com Thanks for looking :)
  6. Listen to the Sound of the Waves

    Listen to the Sound of the Waves

  7. Dream Without Fear

    Dream Without Fear

    My plans for this layout changed twice. First, I was going to go with a very beachy page. Then I decided to do a selfie. I finally landed on this art journaling page. For the blended water photo, I used the same photo twice. The bottom photo has a Blend Mode of Overlay. The top photo layer is...
  8. My little mermaid

    My little mermaid

    This is my gorgeous niece. She loves mermaids & when she saw this page she wanted to become a mermaid & had a bit of a angry moment. So I guess my work evokes strong emotions to my target audience. lol. She does like it thankfully & thought I’d show it off. I’m hoping I get better with...
  9. Happy-moments-of-childhood.jpg


  10. Take It Slow

    Take It Slow

    This seems to be the week for blended photo. I wanted more sand for the beach, so I added a 50 pixel feathered edge to the portion of the photo I used and then set the blend mode to darker color.
  11. Breathe Happy

    Breathe Happy

    Created for the June Big Photo Challenge
  12. PipeLine


    Not a typical topic to work with, but we are very excited to get municipal water. It needed it's own page.
  13. Indian River Lagoon

    Indian River Lagoon

    This layout was created for the May Creative Technique Challenge at Oscraps . I used a total of five papers for this page.
  14. AnnaColor - And so it begins...

    AnnaColor - And so it begins...

    You sold me on the lens and the megapixels. I didn't love anything about it at first, but I didn't see any better options, so each day I got a little more familiar with the new menus and buttons. It was bigger and heavier. As I explored I didn't fight it and soon started to warm up to it.
  15. Fancy Dan

    Fancy Dan

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Rememberance kits
  16. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Rememberance kits
  17. Nursery


    Template and wordart by Sue Cummings Font: Century Schoolbook
  18. Ride or Fly

    Ride or Fly

    I was inspired to use this photo of sea gulls after viewing Seagulls by CCC in this gallery. Credits -- Paislee Press: Paper from Fresh Linens. Jan Crowley/Paislee Press: (Round) Stamp2 from Zippy Hippy. Paislee Press/TaylorMade: Frame from Fram Vol.2 Frames. Jessie Edwards: Wavy dots...
  19. Motu


    Journaling reads: "Could it get any better than this? A tiny motu island in the South Pacific, a tropical shower and the most beautiful warm water for snorkeling. " All papers and elements from Ashalee Wall's "Yeah Whatever" kit available at Oscraps and...
  20. Last Light of March

    Last Light of March

    Paper and frame from Nina Designs Magic Sparkle Overlay from Anna Aspnes Confetti Stars from Genevieve Sass I've been taking monthly photos of this lovely pond near our home to capture the change of the seasons. I waited until the last minute of March light to snap this photo. I had hoped...