My Elvis Obsession
Vicki Robinson

My Elvis Obsession

Talking with my elderly dad recently reminded me that in my earlier years, I was totally and completely obsessed with Elvis. I don't have any photos to use on my page, so I used one of my favorite tips for scrapbooking when you don't have photos and scoured the internet to find images of my favorite Elvis movies and songs. The journaling reads:

"I don’t remember exactly when my obsession with Elvis started — sometime in the mid-sixties for sure, I think I was about 10. Fun fact, he was born exactly 6 days before my Mom!

I very clearly remember going to Elvis movies with my friends and wanting to sit in the first row. This, of course, made him larger than life and hard to watch because you spent the entire time looking up, and in those days the film quality was pretty poor compared to what we have today. But I insisted because then I could pretend that he was kissing me instead of whatever starlet was his co-star! I even remember practicing my kissing technique on my pillow, just in case he ever showed up at my door! You never know right??? A girl can dream!

One of my favorite TV clips is from Frank Sinatra’s show in 1960. He sang “Stuck on You” and really milked those sexy hip movements of his and snapped his fingers in a really exaggerated way. He really played it up for the camera and for the women in the audience — you could tell by his expression that he was loving every minute of it and so was I!

My favorite performances though are from his “68 Comeback Special.” Damn, he was so hot in all-black leather. Swoooooon! At one point, about mid-way through “One Night with You,” the cord popped off his guitar. He got that sneaky, sly, and every so-sexy grin on his face, and without breaking stride he sings, “Is what I’m now—somebody pulled the plug...” He keeps singing, shrugs it off mid-lyric, then giggles and says Gotta do it again boys, gotta do it again” without ever breaking rhythm — but then he bursts out laughing. That’s the Elvis I choose to remember.
Such a beautiful story about your obsession! The best thing is the strong feelings that you could experience as a child or young girl. For me it was Robin and Maurice Gibb from the Bee Gees. I was the youngest in the concert in Braunschweig (at the age of 10 or 11). I couldn't sleep for 3 weeks because I wanted to marry them...both of them!!!
Love the story and the memories. Great job gathering the movie posters and album covers.

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