Just ONE Nut! - An Ephemeral Moment of Terror

Just ONE Nut! - An Ephemeral Moment of Terror

Looks like everyone was on the same page this morning with the Artsy Layered Template. :)

We took a cruise yesterday evening with a few others from our car club. It was HOT still at 6pm, over 90F. It was the first cruise to go eat with the group in over two years, and probably that long since we have driven the red 66 Chevelle. It started out normally (and sweaty), with pictures before we left. But on the way, after a right turn, Ron's foot on the gas pedal went all the way to the floor and didn't spring back. Everybody pulled over with us, and with everybody's help, got the nut that had fallen off the throttle rod back on, notwithstanding a couple burned fingers in the mix. Hence the quote "How many does it take...?" We made it to the restaurant and enjoyed dinner and a laugh about our moment of terror.

I started with the Artsy Layered Template (such a great, easy way to get your mojo going with a new ArtPlay Palette). I rearranged and transformed most of the frames to show more of the photos. I also added just the fotoblendz layer from Ephemeral FotoBlendz 1-1 (layer E), two copies, one on each side of the top two photos. Photos were clipped to all the mask layers. One frame was removed. I added various Ephemeral transfers and overlays below the template, and chose Ephemeral Solid Paper 2 for my background, below the transfers. Embellished with MultiMedia Flowers No. 13-2, replacing the pink butterfly with the red ladybug to get another splash of red in there, the lavender petals falling, a nut/bolt I extracted from the net, WordArt and journaling.

Sorry this is so long!
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ArtPlay Collection Ephemeral (Artsy Layered Template, paper, transfers and overlays, element, wordART, MultiMedia Flowers No. 13)
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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The darker background looks good here--makes the photos pop. Glad it was just a small-part fix and you were back on the road safely. (Back when there were Pintos, I remember driving to work and hitting the brake and it was like pressing on spaghetti.) You're definitely right about the templates!
I can relate to your story! We had a 75 Chevy Jimmy that the steering linkage would occasionally come undone. I'd have to climb into the engine compartment and rehook it. A lovely sight on a city street! Love the photos! glad the incident didn't spoil your trip!

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