JHD Challenge: Russia Poster

JHD Challenge: Russia Poster

I found some new Halloween stuff in the design shop and it inspired me to finally make a poster that had kicked around in my head for a long time. A page in my book gave me an excuse to also save some quotes I wanted to keep. Having lived as a child with a terrorist, Ukraine is a huge deal for me.
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100% Joyful Heart Designs: cantbringmedown, colorcrush38, loveyoutodeath, summeroflove
I used layer styles and tricks to make the poster frame and other stuff using JHD elements.
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  1. Joyful Heart Designs
Excellent job on this...my heart hurts for the people of Ukraine...I have several friends here in the Huntsville area who are from there...the devastation is just INSANE!!!! Very INFURIATING... :grimreaper:
I am glad that you are able to channel some of your anger into art. Love the quotes and images you used
After about a zillion hours of EMDR I'm not angry but this stuff still triggers fear and I do worry about humans suffering just because of where they are born, and if there's more I could do if only I knew what. ;)
I hear you, the state of the world is really distressing. It's hard to find the bright spots so I am glad that you do through your art. I had to Google EMDR, I am glad that has also been a help to you Big big hugs xo

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