1. Fearless Sadie

    Fearless Sadie

    Our Granddaughter Sadie has no fear when it comes to trying new and exciting outdoor adventures! She had such a great time at the "Wild Play Adventure Park". Sweet dolls "Wild and Fearless Kit" was perfect for this photo of our fearless girl!
  2. Forever with me

    Forever with me

    I always have such a hard time saying goodbye to my grandkids when they come to visit. It is the one thing that really challenges me, but I know that they are happy and healthy! So that gives me hope that we will be together again soon! Quote found on the internet I used Rachel Jeffries...
  3. Together - Engagement

    Together - Engagement

    My niece's engagement photos. Bright blue paint is paper 16 in Exclusion Mode over paint on template. Violet paint is paper 07 in Pin Light Mode over the paint on template. Light blue paint is paper 21 in Soft Light Mode over the paint on the template. The book was originally tan paper. I...
  4. So Kind

    So Kind

    August 2023 Color Play
  5. Filled With Love

    Filled With Love

  6. Love this Story

    Love this Story

    My parents have been the most influential figures in my life, and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had their unwavering support in everything I've pursued. Now, it's my turn to repay the immense gratitude I feel for all they have done for me. Let's make this moment even more...
  7. Special Moments

    Special Moments

  8. Bonus Mama

    Bonus Mama

  9. Love of Reading

    Love of Reading

  10. Chall #6

    Chall #6

    with some old photos (2013) anda new kit by Karen Schulz designs
  11. Always Loved

    Always Loved

    Duplicated and resized flowers and greenery around the frames. The title was blended into the background with the layer option blending style sliders.
  12. Creasey 01

    Creasey 01

    This is a companion page to Amy Clay fast-forwarded about 5 years. What a beautiful family! The background is paper 14 in soft light mode over paper 07 but no other special techniques are used.
  13. Amy Clay

    Amy Clay

    I recently discovered this gorgeous cabinet card of a distant cousin's wife on their wedding day in 1915 and just HAD to hand-tint it. Vicki's gorgeous collection made the rest easy!
  14. Bit by Bit

    Bit by Bit

    This is for the May AJ Challenge that will be posted tomorrow!
  15. Family Time

    Family Time

  16. Good Things

    Good Things

  17. Miss You, Mom

    Miss You, Mom

    My niece unexpecte4dly lost her mother recently and this is for her. I deliberately added no journaling so Shannon can add her own. The background is paper 19 in Pin Light mode over paper 02. Other than that, there are no special techniques here - just play with it until it feels and looks right!
  18. Dot and Ed EarlyYears

    Dot and Ed EarlyYears

  19. Memories Together

    Memories Together

    I did a diagonal cut along the top layer of paper to divide into two papers for the background, then I resized overlays for under the photo and placed elements below and a few between the photo and frame. I resized the heart to place beside the word art.
  20. Bacon 01

    Bacon 01

    This is the other half of my family. Momma and Daddy divorced in 1963 and it was final in 1964. In early 1965, we moved to El Paso, Texas and after school let out that year we moved to Anthony, New Mexico/Texas. We lived on the Texas side in a little apartment complex run by my grandparents. It...