1. Wander in Sedona

    Wander in Sedona

    for the Challenge #6 Mood board Inspired by Greenery Jeans Silhouettes in shadow Blue sky Red dirt on the road
  2. Relax, Baby

    Relax, Baby

    We were on a cruise and our daughter was so tired she fell asleep waiting for me to take down her hair and brush it out.
  3. Daily Life Right

    Daily Life Right

  4. Lilach Oren's August Template Challenge

    Lilach Oren's August Template Challenge

    Created for Lilach Oren's First Monthly Template Challenge. Lilach created a new FREE template for you to use in the challenge. I also used Beach Vibes Only.
  5. Beach vibes

    Beach vibes

  6. us


    With an ald photo from 2013
  7. Betty Ann Winter

    Betty Ann Winter

    Journaling reads: My Mother was SO CUTE when she was tiny! These photos show her from about 6 months of age to around 3 years old. Judging by the looks the camera captured, she was quite the character. I might even say there was a wee bit o’ the devil in her. Methinks “Mischief” was her name...
  8. Challenge 6 Heritage.jpg

    Challenge 6 Heritage.jpg