Dear Lillian

Dear Lillian

I found this note in a box of old letters my mother had saved (a treasure!). The note is from my grandmother written to a friend when she was place in a nursing home. It reads:

Dear Lillian,
I want you to know that I'm living in a large home. It is a very nice home and very nice for people who can't stay along anymore. I almost had a fire one day when I was cooking a meal for myself so I can't live alone anymore.

Here she is smiling in the different st[age]s of her life.
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Jazzed Up Loop da Loop 6
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Artplay Palette Enroute (postage stamp)
Charcoal 2

Artsy paper 2 from APP Disquiet was used as the foundation for the page. Using a 6x4 AK frin the collection, the note was clipped to the background layer. Because the note was yellow with age, it was changed to black and white, duplicated several times. Some of the layers of the AK were moved around the writing. The main photo was clipped to a fotoblendz mask. The photo was duplicated and the my grandmother was extracted, duplicated with the blending mode changed to hard light. A custom shadow was added to give the image more depth. The photo my grandmother with the dog was clipped to another fotoblendz mask (blending mode changed to hard light). The image of her with the hat was extracted with a reduced opacity to fade into the page a bit. Transfers, paper textures, art strokes, and splatters were added. Word art, the stamps with photos, lace and loop da loop were added, along with the journaling. The final step was to create a composite image with the blending mode changed to soft light (reduced opacity) for more intensity.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Fantastic blending of all the photos. Love that arc from the AK into the focal point photo.
What a beautiful collection of smiling photos you have blended into your page! Such a wonderful heritage page, too! Having that note is such a treasure! Alzheimer's is a disease I would not wish on my worst enemy! My dear mother lived for 8 years with the disease before it took her. Mom sat in silence, too. That is so interesting that your dear grandmother could knit! Now I wish I had thought to give mom a crochet hook and some yarn. I wonder if she would have remembered how to crochet? Wonderful blending in your page and very meaningful title!
a very touching story behind your beautiful heritage page.
great blending of your wonderful photos.
Oh my goodness! I adore this page but it's also full of sadness as that lovely young girl slowly gets lost...My Mum also knitted and crocheted all her life, producing the most exquisite garments and I took her wool and needles to the Care Home; she remembered some things but it broke my heart when I had to pick up dropped stitches for her. Alzheimers is the cruelest disease!
A very touching story and you have preserved the story and images in a stunning design!
Wonderful collection of photos. Love the one tucked behind the lace. The mind is full of mysteries. So sad that she lost herself but how interesting that she could continue to knit. I hope it brought her comfort.

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