Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Disquiet-Bluejays-Joan.jpg

Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Disquiet-Bluejays-Joan.jpg

Inspiration - I looked in my Lightroom catalog for some pictures that would go with blue paper and elements. I found a blue jay and so I clicked on the keyword blue jay and found more pictures I could use. I edited in Luminar AI
Start- Artsy Layered Template Disquiet. Once I had the photos and papers on the page, I turned off some of the layers to get the best look.
Paper – Placed Solid Paper 1 above the background layer. Then added Artsy Paper 4 which was like the layers on the template. I used a blend mode of Vivid Light and reduced the opacity of the solid paper so that I got a medium toned blue instead of dark. Didn’t want another dark background page.
Mask – I placed Fotoblendz 1 on the page on a layer below the frames.
Photos – I put my focal photo on the mask layer of the Fotoblendz and then turned off some of the layers and filled others with white using Edit>Fill. Then I added two more photos to the frames using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. The each of the lower frames in each stack I added the same photo as in the top frame only then rotated until only the background showed.
Elements -I put JazzedUpLoopDaLoop 6.5 beneath the frames.
Title – I used wood words Our Flock but added above the JazzedUpLoopDaLoop. I added a curves adjustment to both pictures in the frames and forgot to clip to the photos. So they affected the wood woods making them white. I liked it so I didn’t change anything else.
Journaling – I used the Wadsworth Poem Splendor in the grass.

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Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Disquiet-Bluejays-Joan.jpg
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