Dave Jasper

Dave Jasper

We finally met Dave Jasper that first afternoon, after several years of visiting his feeders. Besides the rattlesnake there was a family of quail and a steady stream of visiting birds. Cave Creek Ranch had more than a dozen Coues deer and lots of wild turkeys, but it didn't have as many birds as a few years ago.
Credits list
Anna Aspnes: Paper, Watercolor Template Album, Jouer overlays, Tag
R Jefferies: Stamp, stitching, staples, scatters
Cactus wren, pyrrhuloxia, ladder-backed woodpecker, brown-headed cowbird
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. Rachel Jefferies
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Of course, I love all the birds photos, but I also love the interesting and intricate flow across the spread.
These are gorgeous photos! Even the cowbird looks nice (not my favorite feeder visitor). Agree about the flow across the page and the texture is awesome too!
What great photos and a good story! I really like the blended photo across the two pages!
Nice photos. I want to know what you thought of Dave Jasper :)
Hard pass on the rattlesnake.
Nice photos. I want to know what you thought of Dave Jasper :)
Hard pass on the rattlesnake.
Well, I thought about what to write, yes, but other than the rattlesnake interaction, I could only say I liked him and trusted him enough to get very close to the rattlesnake he promised me was right there in front of me when I absolutely couldn't see it. It wasn't until the next week that I learned he's been a fixture in the e-bird community for many years. Later I wondered why I totally trusted his knowledge of the snake so much in spite of all we know about them. I think he had to leave soon after putting out some bird seed. :D

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