Very Good- Anna Color Challenge

Very Good- Anna Color Challenge

Inspiration – I looked at the colors in the current Color Challenge then I went looking for a picture to work with it. First I was looking at Sunflowers but tripped across this photo that seemed perfect. Then looked at different palettes to find one that would work with the color challenge

Start – File>New 12x12 300

Paper – Placed Artsy Paper 1 above the background layer

Mask – Placed HiptserPlumeFotoblendz 8.3 above the paper, once the photo was added I colored to some of the layers to blend in with the photo.

Photo – Attached to mask layer using Layer>Create Clipping Mask

Transfer – I placed the overlay on the upper left-hand side and then duplicated and placed it under the tassel after adjusting the size and erasing part of it.

Element Cluster – Started with Foliage and placed Ribbon on top. I used Ctrl U on the ribbon until the spots turned reddish, then used the magic wand to select the not dot area, and used Ctrl U to change to yellow. Then I intertwined them together. I then entwined the tassel in the ribbon. Then I placed a copy of the butterfly on the ribbon, tassel, and chair in my photo.

Words – used the wordart Very Good for the title.
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Those chairs are so wonderful, I'm glad you put them on your page. And of course from such a strong start everything else fell into place to make a happy statement.
Beautiful page, Joan, and I love the colors. I like that pop of yellow on the right side that mimics the yellow of the chairs. ♥
The yellow is absolutely perfect! I love the cluster you've created, balancing out the yellow and pinks!

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