Défi AnnaLift 28.10.22 - 11.11.22

Défi AnnaLift 28.10.22 - 11.11.22

Mes petits enfant à Paris lors d'un spectacle de hip hop.
tout Anna Aspnes sauf silhouettes du Net.

(LIGHTS in the DARK is the only show in the world by E.L Squad – or Electro-Luminescence Squad.
Managed by choreographer Yokoi –a world-famous reference in the hip-hop scene – she will make
you discover a technology enabling dancers to move in total darkness to create extraordinary.)
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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une page très moderne avec ses couleurs vives un grand nombre de photos et leur regroupement qui lui donnent beaucoup d'énergie
Creative take on the lift! Love that you layered your frames over each other and at different angles as I'm sure the concert was full of movement!
Love the signs in the background of the photo frames. The silhouettes with the art strokes gives the whole page motion, brilliant!
Whoa this is so fun! Great grouping of the photos! You've captured so much movement and energy! Great lift!
This beautiful design is the inspiration in the AnnaLift Challenge.

Lights in the Dark: Hip Hop by cyanne22 showcases the fun and excitement of a performance of Hip Hop dancers. Cyanne22 has captured the play of lights on the performers in a dark scene. The figures are outlined and framed in bright blues, reds, and yellows. Multiple photo frames hold them in place. Silhouettes and inky artsy strokes extend the energy of the performance onto the ground of her design. The signage of a busy city street accents and grounds the photos. A double title leads the viewer to the journaling. This effect creates a dazzling backdrop for the young friends.

Thank you, cyanne22, for sharing your stunning and inspirational artistry.
Congrats on being picked for the AnnaLift. I learned so much about blending elements with edges when I lifted your LO.

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