Creativity Begins With You

Creativity Begins With You

I created this layout for the Fab Friday Color Play : I wanted to go back to my roots a bit in scrapbooking...To create something more on the Artsy/Art Journaling side of things...Something with lots of Fun! happy! colors...Femininity!...Positivity!...Lots of Paint & Texture!...& Of Course WA!...That Has Important! Meaning to this layout...Being Creative! & Adding your own sense of Artistic! vision to your own layouts Is so Fab!...& it makes each page created even more Personal on so many different levels...This layout Celebrates! the idea of being Artistic & Creative! & at the same time celebrating! your own Unique & Special! scrapbooking pages & style...
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To Create This Layout : I Used :

Be The Artist Of Your Life (Collection) By Simplette

The Lovely Lady I Used : is compliments of Rawpixel
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love the cluster...
@twinsmomflor It took some doing...but I finally got all the pieces where I wanted them to go...composition-wise...that is!...;)...I also like multi-frames in my layouts...I was really happy with how it turned out...Thank You!...For your support!...:)...

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