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  1. Tic tac toe chall 4 Sept 2022

    Tic tac toe chall 4 Sept 2022

  2. inspiration


    September Challenge #2 - White space / Clean
  3. Memories . . .

    Memories . . .

    Created for the August 2022 Challenge #5 - Color Palette
  4. Poesia del Tempo.jpg

    Poesia del Tempo.jpg

    As there are some musical elements in the kit I made an overlay from multiple brushes and a piece of vintage artwork capturing the theme of music. From there I wanted to have some musical notes in the background so I used the warp tool to bend the sheet music and placed it on the BG paper. A...
  5. Challenge 5.jpg

    Challenge 5.jpg

    The color palette challenge is one of my favourites. I started with the gorgeous stacked paper from Together Again then blended in elements from Some Kinda Wonderful and Poesia del Tempo to complete the scene and contain the colors required for the challenge..
  6. July Challenge #1 The Agency.jpg

    July Challenge #1 The Agency.jpg

    Join me for July's Challenge 1! Fulfill your job in the 'magazine biz' and create a cover page for a travel magazine. Check out the details in the forum.
  7. BE Sunset Lover

    BE Sunset Lover

    Challenge #6 - Sketch https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-6-sketch-template.35645/
  8. Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    Swans a Swimming _Challenge-7-Big-Photo

    I took this photo at the zoo in Omaha where the beautiful swans were feeding in a green algae-covered stream. I added Simplette's Nothing More Frame, RF's Water Me, AASPN's Script Tease, LA Lily Pond as overlays.
  9. This Is All I Need

    This Is All I Need

    I shot the photos last spring at my son's home. ♥
  10. Lisa Larsdotter Holmberg

    Lisa Larsdotter Holmberg

  11. cute girl

    cute girl

  12. Where It Began - May Featured Product

    Where It Began - May Featured Product

    This was my first time doing pocket art, and it was sooooo much fun! If you haven't tried it, please do, you'll love it. ♥ Photo: Mine, shot in Salem Oregon, processed with Topaz Labs Journaling Reads: We lived a few years in Oregon. That’s where my love of photography began. The very first...
  13. Seasonal Chall 6 May 2022

    Seasonal Chall 6 May 2022

    Spring in Florida Photo and mask my own
  14. Challenge #2 Color Palette.jpg

    Challenge #2 Color Palette.jpg

    Bright spring colours popping up everywhere.
  15. This Life

    This Life

    Made for the April 2022 Challenge #5 - Template
  16. Johannes & Magdalena

    Johannes & Magdalena

  17. Relatives


    I have been enjoying going through some heritage pictures of my relatives and Kay's template for this Challenge seemed to be the perfect fit for these photos! I used this beautiful "featured product" collection by Simplette - Mother Love
  18. Blue Birds of-Spring-Oscraps-Challenge-April 2022

    Blue Birds of-Spring-Oscraps-Challenge-April 2022

    I love blue birds--these are frequent feeders in my garden--bluebirds and blue jays. The bluebirds love to bathe in my fountain. And I love blue.
  19. challenge 4

    challenge 4

    For the color play challenge Picture by me thanks for looking
  20. BE March Challenge #6 - Recipe

    BE March Challenge #6 - Recipe

    Challenge #6 - Recipe https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-6-recipe.35029/