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  1. Day 6: Peace On Earth

    Day 6: Peace On Earth

  2. BE Our Life Our Story - Simplette

    BE Our Life Our Story - Simplette

    February Challenge #3 - Heritage https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-3-heritage.36960/
  3. Feb Template 2023

    Feb Template 2023

  4. Fireworks 2011

    Fireworks 2011

    Made for the White Space challenge I used one frame, 2 elements and 2 Wa
  5. to another year

    to another year

    To another Year (collection) by Simplette Let luck be your compass throughout the year create pleasures, big and small and make all your dreams come true Our wishes to all our members ! thanks for looking
  6. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    Made for the OFacebook I used the stunning new release from Simplatte. I used the stocked papers as a base. I use the Hue/saturation layer on it.
  7. DAY 7: December Snow

    DAY 7: December Snow

  8. Let it snow . . . Challenge 3

    Let it snow . . . Challenge 3

    Created for the Day 3 – Use The Same Photo Challenge
  9. 52-2021-30-VickiStegall-template.jpg


    Created for the Momma O [ Vicki Stegall] November 2022 Challenge 52 Inspirations 2021 No 30 Layered Template by Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations 2020 No 01 The Best Life Papers by Vicki Stegall Little Touch (elements) by Simplette | Oscraps
  10. Wake up happy

    Wake up happy

    For the featured product challenge with Lynn Grieveson Wake Up Happy Digital Scrapbooking Collection Picture by me thanks for looking
  11. Peacefull place

    Peacefull place

    Peaceful Place (full kit) by Simplette This was a kit from the colorplay collection October 2022 Picture by me thanks for looking
  12. BE Peaceful Place - Simplette

    BE Peaceful Place - Simplette

  13. I wish I could stop time

    I wish I could stop time

    Using October Color Play products
  14. Birthday Girl

    Birthday Girl

    I made the inked edge on the background paper by playing around in the layer dialogue box, using a woman named Tamara's base: I opened up Layers --> Inner Glow I changed the blend mode to Color burn Opacity 70% Noise 40% Then I chose my color of shadow. I chose dark brown. Under elements I...
  15. fall


    October Challenge #6 - One Word
  16. Tic tac toe chall 4 Sept 2022

    Tic tac toe chall 4 Sept 2022

  17. inspiration


    September Challenge #2 - White space / Clean
  18. Memories . . .

    Memories . . .

    Created for the August 2022 Challenge #5 - Color Palette
  19. Poesia del Tempo.jpg

    Poesia del Tempo.jpg

    As there are some musical elements in the kit I made an overlay from multiple brushes and a piece of vintage artwork capturing the theme of music. From there I wanted to have some musical notes in the background so I used the warp tool to bend the sheet music and placed it on the BG paper. A...
  20. Challenge 5.jpg

    Challenge 5.jpg

    The color palette challenge is one of my favourites. I started with the gorgeous stacked paper from Together Again then blended in elements from Some Kinda Wonderful and Poesia del Tempo to complete the scene and contain the colors required for the challenge..