Bunny Clips

Bunny Clips

I really enjoy messing around with the layers in the Artsy Transfers for this design—I used two, #1 and #4, dragging the layers all over the place until I felt an “ah!” wash over me. Loving the embellishments in this release, and the lollipop in particular called to me because I've been playing Candy Crush lately and relying on my Lollipop Hammer to crash through levels. It would be nice to have a Lollipop Hammer in real life, wouldn't it?
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Love the words, the thoughts, the use of transfers! I've not been able to figure out how to use that lollipop - love the thought of a lollipop hammer to break away the obstacles of life :)
Such a cutie! Your page really shows off that "bunny hairdo" in perfectly play fashion.
Love your perspective for this adorable portrait, and those crazy cute hair things. Now (maybe) the lollipop makes perfect sense. ;)
Love the bunny barrettes! Wonderful journaling and "sweet" page. Miss my little girls.

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