The squares and parks of Savannah are the community's most beloved icons. The original plan, known as the Oglethorpe Plan, was laid out in 1733 around four open squares each surrounded by four residential or tything squares and four civic or trust squares. This layout was known as a ward. Most of the squares are named in honor of a person or historical event and many contain monuments or other tributes. In 1851 there were 24 squares. Twenty-two exist today.
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We ate our way around Savannah--oh, the food! Brings back lots of good memories, and I like how you incorporated history into your design.
Beautiful page! LOVE how you worked the squares into the page! And those photos are everything! I love to read about the history of places.... thank you so much for including the journaling in your description! Love it!
A gorgeous page. I visited there just before a hurricane and wish our trip wasn't cut so short. I love your map, the trees, and the green which is just what I remember most.
Beautiful photos for a such a special city! I love Savannah's historic district!
Beautiful! I am fond of organization in all of its forms, cities especially. Love how those trees meet each other to form that canopy.
Do you know what happened to the other 2 squares?

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