Awesome - Twilight Zone

Awesome - Twilight Zone

Sign from the Universe - The night was still. Nothing could be heard, not even the wind. The sun had set and the light on the horizon was fading. The planets started becoming visible as the stars blinked on one by one. The expanse of space was all around me. I was alone with my thoughts. I could think of nothing except that God was breath-taking awesome!

Construction: I started by placing my photo over 12x12 blank canvas. I used the Night Sky-Adobe Sky Replacement for the sky portion of my photo completely covering the canvas.
I placed Multimedia Magic Sprinkles No. 1 #3 in the night sky.
I used ArtsyTransfers Twilight Zone #4 with parts of Magic Sprinkles No. 1 #3, #4 and #5, to enhance the starry night look. I added splatters, stains and the ArtPlay Palette Apothic Overlay #2 to the black foreground.
I added TwilightZone WordART Mix No. 1 WASignUniverse for the title, duplicating it in white and offsetting with a drop shadow. Finally I added ArtPlay Palette Twilight Zone Brush #2 to create a black cloud line connecting the title with the orange star of MultiMedia MagicSprinklez No. 1 #3.
Font is Arial Narrow.
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A classic Anna Release, ArtPlay Palette Twilight Zone Collection, is On Sale Now until August 24th at 9am EDT.
AnnaRelease 7 August 2020

Supplies used in this layout:
ArtPlay Palette Twilight Zone
ArtsyTransfers Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone WordART Mix No. 1
MultiMedia MagicSprinklez No. 1
ArtPlay Palette Apothic
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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