April 13 2023
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Been thinking a lot about loneliness lately. It feels like, besides Urban, I have no friends. Reading articles on how to break your loneliness, but it's mainly tips on how to approach people and how to get in contact with people, but that's not my problem. I think it's my ADHD that messes things up for me. I have no problems whatsoever to reach out to people, and are in no way scared to talk with them. On the contrary, I find it easy. But I do not understand how you go from a shallow aquaintance to a proper friend. I often miss having a close friend. Or just to have a gang to hang with. Sometimes I wonder if internet totally destroyed peoples way to socialize. Now you just scroll through feeds and like posts. You used to have to go home to people. Nowadays, people don't have the time. Everything that happens on-line, take so much time, you don't have time to meet people IRL.
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It is a lovely page but the message is also so strong. I think I may know what you mean. I have friends, but not like a few in the past who were really close. But I think they made the effort to be close and I just don't know how. Maybe it's that I was younger and not set in a rut like now as well. Otherwise it's DH and his brother who are my closest ones.
Congratulations!!! Your page has been featured in Today’s Gallery Standouts!!!

Thank you Cynthia for, first, picking my layout, and second, for all your nice words about it. & not forgetting to thank you for the input on my thoughts. You're right: internet has given me a lot too. I will have to try and focus on that. But my brain tend to see the negative stuff way more. Hugs, you made my day! ❤️
Congrats on your GSO, Eva! All the interest you created in the background and accented with that cluster on the journaling space is so well done.

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