AnnaLift 30.6.2023 take a note

AnnaLift 30.6.2023 take a note

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AnnaLift challenge: 6.16. - 6.30.2023: take a note
the inspiration for this page was this monochrome design of scrap-genie with these light neutral colours and the layering of the background papers.

I can't resist many things, especially stationery, even though I spend most of my time at the computer.

i love writing lists to bring order into my life. I also like to write by hand. this allows me to think a little longer than with the keyboard. I am (too) fast at keyboarding.
my favourite writing instrument is the fountain pen with the very fine tip and the one ink colour that is between blue and black, often called prussian blue or night blue.
Credits list
autumn soul: brushes
frolic: brush
blitzen: brush
city limits: brush/mask
bountiful: brush
glance: art strokes, transfer, paper
daffodil: envelope, transfer, overlay

notebook 2

agnes biro: tornedges
karla dudley/noel: digiessentials 1, me time-brush&acrylic
font: kd everyday
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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Your horizontal and monochromatic design with the washed out yellow accents is just perfect.
I love your horizontal design. Such interesting elements grouped across the page.
This is wonderful! You seem to have a whole series of linear designs going on, each one unique but "note" worthy ;-) Love the way the journaling is "hand written" and tucked underneath.
.......You seem to have a whole series of linear designs going on......
scrapbooking is pure stress management at the moment. the linear and white space designs are probably an attempt to bring order to chaos.
Linear design perfection. I also like the idea that these designs bring order to chaos. Nice touch partially tucking the writing under the paper piece. I'm also a fan of fine tipped fountain pens :)
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