AnnaColor4-1 Narcissus Collection

AnnaColor4-1 Narcissus Collection

Just a couple of photos taken from my lounge chair on my side deck on a warm and sunny day. Unlike my younger days, I have learned to love resting ;-)

I wanted a simply dreamy page that shows the quiet beauty of my deck - two photos blended with Linear FotoBlendz; on the left I added another photo of the wisteria buds against the blue sky, adding another copy of the photo over the Gold Frame to soften it.
On the right I used a Stitched Border (I mentioned in my last post how I customize these for 8x10 format), plus two more gold frames to form a Visual Triangle.
Custom word art title (note the word "rest" in Acrylic Alpha).
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I'm right there with you on the resting part. Especially with a basket of knitting nearby. Love everything about your portrayal of this sanctuary, but especially the ghosted repetition of the circular frame. And those stitched leaves--I have to dig those out again. WOW work here!
Beautiful blue skies! Love how you've used the round frames. Back in NY it's drab and brown. Enjoy!

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