Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Hearth-Dams-Joan.jpg

Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Hearth-Dams-Joan.jpg

Inspiration – I had a friend visiting me this month and took her to some of my favorite photo spots. She is a photographer too. The first day we visited 5 dams. I knew at some point I would create a page with some of my photos from that day.
Start-File>Artsy Layered Template 227. Turned off all layers but the frames.
Paper – Placed Solid Paper 2 above the background Layer and with the grey background of the template used blend mode Overlay to soften the colors and print.
Transfers – I placed Artsy Transfer in the upper left corner of the page. I put Overlay2 in the lower left corner of the page.
Photos – I attached a copy of two photo to the mask layer of the frames using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. The focal photo of the page is attached to the Paint Cream layer of the Artsy Transfer.
Frame – Placed Artstroke Frame 6 above the Focal Photo.
Elements title cluster -I started with the Key, added the tape and above that a word strip, used an Urbanthreadz to connect to the WordArt wood word “Story” and nestled the flower in the curve of the word. I used a solid color layer with an overlay blend mode to match the color of the flower to the focal photo.
Brush – aligned two copies of brush 8 with straight lines in the focal photo.
Journaling – The best thing about a rainy spring is that it means the water flowing over the dams will be strong and make for some great photos. I took a friend to 5 dams one morning and each was a thing of beauty.
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Your photos of the water falling over the dams are beautiful! I love the framing of the blended photo in the transfer, and the element cluster and word art!
WOW! Yes, great photos. Love the large blended one and the way you used Art Stroke frames.

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Anna Aspnes-digital-scrapbook-artplay-collection-Hearth-Dams-Joan.jpg
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