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Agnes Hale

What to do when you are doing a book about your ancestors and there are no photographs? I think you just need to go for the mood and feel of the time and just use what you can access. This page is one of a series I will be doing about my mother's side of the family; they were miners and my Great, Great, Great Grandmother came from Ireland to Scotland at the time of the Irish famine. Anna's papers are perfect for these kind of pages, I've just blended the reference material into the texture of the artsy paper and added photos of the Dublin Famine memorial, most are just using colour burn mode and erasing to suit.
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Perfect choice of embellishment and imagery. Love your blending-skills.
Ps. Birth-year of William 1951 ?! Typo.
Wonderful flow to your page. Those dark colors exemplify the sad and tragic times that this family, and the rest of Ireland endured
it is ingenious how you have portrayed the time and the living conditions of your family.
this page is incredibly touching and you have captured this great poverty and suffering very well.
this is art. just a b r i l l i a n t page.
A wonderful heritage page. Beautifully illustrated. I can't even imagine how terrible it must have been for everyone living in those conditions but you've certainly captured some of their suffering.

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