A Cousin's Love
So it was arguing as usual for the majority of the time we were visiting with the family this Christmas, but one day, just after New Year's my DS and his cousin, who is 3 weeks younger than him, just started hitting it off. It would be all quiet, and when I went looking for them I would find them locked up in a room playing together...without the arguing!! It was so awesome seeing them get along so well.

Journaling:Although born just 3 weeks apart, you guys havent been the best of friends...I think its because you are so close in age. Most of the time you are arguing with each other or telling on each other. But something changed this last visit. It started out the same as usual, but during the last few days you two were inseparable. You would sneak off to play together and you even slept together. Im so happy that you finally realized just how special your closeness in age can be. I just hope that it grows from this point on.

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